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2 Simple ways Health and Education Facility Maintenance can Reduce Costs on Water Appliance Service

Proven Savings for Hospitals through utilisation of internal maintenance staff skill-sets with professional free external support teams

If you're in charge of the facility maintenance role at a hospital, nursing home, school or university, you are no doubt fully conscious of budget blowouts, cost-cutting initiatives which accompanies this important role.

With drinking water appliances like the Zip Hydrotap or Billi Quadra becoming more complex and electronic, maintenance teams are under pressure to outsource servicing and repairs to contractors - adding up to substantial costs to your company.


The good new's is that with a little expert advice, access to the right tools, YOU CAN DO THE JOB FASTER AND CHEAPER


Aquastream works directly with maintenance staff, giving access to our  EXPERT APPLIANCE HOTLINE  Quality Compatible Filters, Free Technical Support and Video Tutorials on simple fault-finding and common repairs.


Here is 2 Smart Ways you can instantly cut drinking water appliance service costs:

While this recommendation is only simple, we guarantee that by putting these 2 suggestions into place today will drasticly reduce your current spend on drinking water appliance maintenance.



1.  Start buying Compatible water filters to suit Zip water appliances

While genuine brand water filters are often promoted by appliance manufacturers, the fact remains that these companies are only resellers of expensive water filter cartridges. With the myth that compatible water filters can void warranties absolutely busted, maintenance teams can now have access to high quality alternative brand cartridges, saving up to 40% on every replacement.


Carbon Free Filters

Compatible Zip cartridges are now available in both the Carbon and Carbon-Free type formats. Carbon-Free water filters are required for some healthcare facilities in Queenland as a control measure to eliminate Legionella contamination.



2.  Learn how to repair the most common appliance faults - Free access to our professional helpdesk

Many hospitals, nursing homes, schools and universities have an experianced team of trades persons. Now days, with water equipment becoming more complex, these reliable and experianced trades are being forced to call service agents and external contractors.

From our experiance over 15 years, nearly 50% of all service calls could be simply corrected by existing on-site staff and employees.


Free Technical Helpdesk and unlimited access to videos and service instructions


We encourage plumbers and electricians to take advantage of our FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM to quickly overcome common faults and perform simple repairs in many brands of appliances including Zip, Billi, Birko, Rheem, Supakwik and Boiling Billy.

For example: How to change a Zip 91290 Water Filter in 15 Easy Steps


We trust you find this helpful advice, let us know if you would like help - simply call 1800 446 500 and speak to our friendly team


Happy Fixing and thanks for reading...



If you would like to speak personally with our team, please call 1800 446 500 for prompt and professional advice.