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Carbon-Free Water Filters for Queensland Healthcare Facilities

Following the recent Queensland Health Directive issued in February 2016, targeting legionella bacteria in ice machines and drinking water systems, healthcare facilities in Queensland are required to remove carbon based water filters from this equipment to ensure chlorine in the municipal water supply remains in the water system, providing ongoing disinfection.

Aquastream is pleased to announce the recent release of the Uniflow Compatible Carbon-Free range of water filters to suit boiling and chilled drinking water equipment such as the Zip Hydrotap system.


How do these Carbon Free water filters work?

Spun-Poly filtration technology has been used for decades in water filtration systems. Constructed from a self-supporting stucture of NSF listed polypropylene fibres, particulate is captured throughout the media which becomes more tightly packed closer to the core.

These quality filters reduce sediment, dirt, rust and scale from the water supply while leaving the chlorine content unaltered.

Filtering the water down to 1-Micron particle size ensures the equipment internals are protected from sediment fouling and protecting from poor water quality.


What models are available?

Starting initially with the most popular water filter models in the Zip range, we have 3 water filter types that suit a wide range of filter models:


Description    Compatible with models:
FZP-91290AS       Uniflow Carbon Free Zip Compatible 91290 Filter Cartridge - 1 Micron    91289, 91290, 91292
FZP-91241AS       Uniflow Carbon Free Zip Compatible 91241 Filter Cartridge - 1 Micron    91240, 91241
FZP-52000AS       Uniflow Carbon Free Zip Compatible 52000 Filter Cartridge - 1 Micron    52000, 53000, 58000



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