Introducing Aquastream NanoSilver Series Water Filters

Introducing the ultimate protection from harmful microorganisms commonly found in rainwater tanks without chemicals or costly ultraviolet disinfection. Simple, effective and safe for your family...


At last.... A breakthrough water filter cartidge guarantees protection from harmful microorganisms found in rainwater tanks - NanoSilver Series


Throughout Australia, many families rely on rainwater as the primary source of water for drinking, cooking and bathing. While those who are used to drinking rainwater have developed a resistance to bacteria found in these rainwater supplies, it is often visitors to your home that can fall victim to well known cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.


Introducing the Aquastream NanoSilver Water Filter Cartridge

Aquastream NanoSilver Series offers advanced submicron protection from bacteria, cysts and virus and are ideal for rainwater and bore water systems.

Using a patented electroadsorptive media technology manufactured from NSF 61 approved materials, the NanoSilver Series offers 99.95% reduction of bacteria and cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia without the need for UV disinfection, a breakthrough in reduced service costs for premium protection.

Incorporating powerful powedered activated carbon (PAC), the NanoSilver also reduces chlorine, taste and odours and other inorganic chemicals making this filter suitable for chlorinated and poor tasting water supplies.

The addition of natural silver to this advanced media ensures the filter is protected from bacterial attack, protecting the water from post-filter contamination.


Find out more about the advanced technology inside the NanoSilver Series water filter in the short video below - Ahlstrom Distruptor®



NanoSilver effects on pathogens

Providing proven protection from pathogens commonly found in rainwater tanks and bore water supplies, the NanoSilver ensures viruses, bacteria and cysts are trapped inside the filter.

This means that homeowners can now protect their families and staff from these harmful microorganisms without the need of ultraviolet or chemical disinfection strategies.


    The Aquastream NanoSilver removes or reduces the following pathogens: 
  • >99.99% Viruses       (polio, rotovirus, norovirus, etc.)**
  • >99.99% Bacteria     (e.coli, legionella, pseudomonas, etc.)**
  • >99.95% Cysts          (giardia, cryptosporidium, etc.)**

** Tested by a certified laboratory in the U.S. (testing was performed at 6.5pH



NanoSilver effects on heavy metals

Many regional towns across Australia utilise bore and river water supplies, causing ongoing concerns for health-conscious residents wanting protection from heavy metals including Lead, Ferrous Iron, Selenium and others.


    The Uniflow UltraPleatHD removes or reduces the following heavy metals: 
  • >95% Lead**
  • >80% Ferrous Iron**
  • >95% Arsenic V**
  • >95% Cadmium**
  • >85% Chromium**
  • >75% Selenium**
  • >60% Mercury**


** Tested by a certified laboratory in the U.S. (testing was performed at 6.5pH



The Aquastream NanoSilver removes or reduces the following organics and inorganic chemicals:
  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • Iodine
  • VOCs
  • PCBs and PBA
  • Residual pharmaceuticals
  • Biofouling precursors: organic acids, proteins, polysaccharides



Will the NanoSilver series fit my existing filter system?

This series of advanced water filters are stocked in the most popular filter sizes in Australia so most likely will fit your existing water filter housings but here is a guide that will confirm this.

The best way to comfirm the size of your system is to measure the length and diameter of an existing filter cartridge used in your system. Alternatively, contact our friendly team and provide the model number of your existing filter and we will confirm this by reply email - Contact Us Here


The UltraPleat-HD Series is available in four sizes to suit a wide range of applications from undersink drinking water systems to larger whole house systems. 


Undersink Water Filter Systems

NanoSilver 10" x 2.5" cartridges suit standard 10" undersink water filter systems with single or double sumps.

  • Size:  10" long  x 2.5" round   (248mm x 63mm)
  • Order Code: FPC-1025-HD

Small Whole House Systems

NanoSilver 20" x 2.5" cartridges suit standard 20" filter water filter systems commonly found on small homes of up to 3 people

  • Size:  20" long  x 2.5" round   (508mm x 63mm)
  • Order Code: FPC-2025-HD


Medium Whole House Systems

NanoSilver 10" x 4.5" cartridges suit large format 10" filter water filter systems commonly found on medium homes of up to 5 people


  • Size:  10" long  x 4.5" round   (248mm x 115mm)
  • Order Code: FPC-1045-HD


Large Whole House Systems

NanoSilver 20" x 4.5" cartridges suit large format 20" filter water filter systems commonly found on larger homes of up to 8 people

  • Size:  20" long  x 4.5" round   (508mm x 115mm)
  • Order Code: FPC-2045-HD


If you would like to speak personally with our team, please call 1800 446 500 for prompt and professional advice.

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