As a mother we all want the best for our children whether it’s at home or at school.  We’re the first to worry about whether our child is getting enough vitamins, if they’re meeting their developmental milestones and whether they’ll be able to make friends. We also spend hours poring over recipes to ensure that our children have a balanced diet and don’t subsist on chicken nuggets alone.


But one of the areas that we’re quick to overlook is what they drink. Don’t get me wrong, we all know they need to stay away from carbonated drinks, and that fruit juices are just prettily packaged boxes of sugar, but I’m talking about water. Good, old-fashioned, straight-up, out the tap, filtered tap water. How much time do we actually spend thinking about the quality of our tap water and whether it’s the best option for keeping our children hydrated?


In Australia we’ve become accustomed to high quality water but issues such as bushfires, increased salinity levels and poor farming and land management mean that in some areas of the country water quality has been compromised. Organic water contaminants are the single biggest area for concern and in most cases activated carbon is the only treatment.


We understand that you’re already juggling a hundred different balls, so we strive to make water filtration easy to understand, quick to implement and most importantly, an affordable solution that will benefit your family for years to come.


Our unique, patented carbon activated water filtration systems offer the best-known treatment for organic chemicals, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine and its by-products. They also offer improved water taste, colour and smell which may be the most important factor in encouraging your children to drink water straight from the tap again.


To take a closer look at activated carbon filtration technology, read our article on What's inside an Activated Carbon water filter.


So, what makes our water filter systems so effective?


The not-so-secret secret is our awesome activated carbon filters that work to improve the taste, smell and colour of your mains water. If you’re struggling to get your child to drink water from the tap, this might be exactly what you need.


Potable water (water that is approved for drinking) in Australia is highly regulated, regularly tested and certified to be safe for drinking. Part of that process is the addition of chlorine which is safe for drinking but may make the water taste and smell bad. Our activated carbon filters are excellent at removing chlorine and as a result you can expect great tasting (and odour-free) water.


There is also some concern around chlorine by-products that are potentially cancer-causing. Again, activated carbon is the most effective filter for removing these.

Our activated carbon filters have been treated to make them extremely porous allowing them to adsorb (remove) contaminants and other substances.


What does our activated carbon filter remove from your tap water?


Let’s stick to the facts. Activated carbon has been proven to be very effective in removing at least eighty-one chemicals, effective in removing another thirty, and moderately effective in removing another twenty-two. These numbers are conservative and represent only chemicals that have been thoroughly tested.

In fact, according to EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States), activated carbon is the only filter that has been recommended to remove all thirty-two identified organic contaminants including VCOs and by-products from chlorine. The same holds true for fourteen listed pesticides and twelve herbicides.


The Benefits of Our Aquastream Quick-Change Water Filter System

We feel so passionate about our products that we could go on about the various practical and health benefits that you’ll get from our water filter system. But we’ll save you the lecture and highlight the most important benefits that you can expect for your family:


  • Improved water flavour and smell – often people complain about a metallic taste or off-putting smell which can be due to the additives such as chlorine which are filtered out with our Quick-Change filter systems
  • Healthier water – activated carbon filters remove a lot of the nasty stuff from water while allowing the rest of the minerals to remain
  • It’s good for the environment – drinking filtered tap water saves on buying single-use plastic water bottles for drinking water which is good for the environment, and great for your wallet
  • Quick installation – we’re offering fixed-price water filter system installation in some areas of Australia so that you have peace of mind that your filtration system has been installed correctly
  • Convenient – a tap that has been installed in your kitchen is able to be used immediately by the whole family
  • Hard-working – our filters typically last between 6 months and a year depending on the number of people in your home
  • Easy to maintain – our quick-change system means that a filter can be replaced in under a minute
  • Affordable – a one-time purchase cost that includes installation, and ongoing affordable filter replacement parts make this a cost-effective solution


At Aquastream we specialise in high-quality affordable water solutions for families. If you’re interested in knowing more about how a simple freshly filtered tap can improve quality of life for your family, please give us a call on 1800 446 500 or take check out the Aquastream Quick-Change water filter systems range today.