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Lite-Commercial RO Systems

Aquastream offers a selection of light commercial reverse osmosis systems for applications requiring higher capacities than undersink residential type systems without the added complexity of commercial systems.

Catering for pure water production rates from 1300 to 2600 Litres per day from municipal tap water supplies.


The LP-Series utilises extra low-energy membranes to produce larger volumes of pure water without the need of a booster pump.

Systems can be optioned as wall-mounted or floorstanding configuration and include a range of advanced features including dual channel TDS/EC monitor and pressure gauges as standard.


Uniflow LP-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

Uniflow LP-Series light commercial reverse osmosis systems feature pure water production capacities from 1300-2600 litres per day. Outstanding performance from extra low-energy membranes and low maintenance pump-less design. See options inside.

From $2,610.00 +GST

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