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Residential RO Systems


UNIFLOW R-Series Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems produce  high quality drinking water with outputs of 150 to 300 Litres per day and come in 3-Stage and 4-Stage options to suit the feed water and requirements.

Reverse Osmosis filtration is one of the most advanced filtration methods available. Providing ultra pure water on demand, these systems effectively eliminate up to 98% impurities found in municipal water supplies including fluoride.

Reduces dirt, rust, sand, sediment, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, taste, odour, cysts, dissolved minerals and heavy metals.


Need help with servicing? 

Aquastream RO Tech's can help you service your RO system to ensure optimum performance and great tasting water!

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Uniflow 4-Stage Residential Reverse Osmosis System

The Uniflow R-Series Residential RO System produces 250 Litres per day of pure, contaminant free water from your municipal water supply for drinking water, coffee machines and pure water applications. Compact undersink installation

$636.00 +GST

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