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Insinkerator Boiling Only

Insinkerator Steaming Water Taps are ideal for homes, offices, staff breakout areas and customer lounges.


The cost-effective, affordable solution for instant boiling water, enjoy the benefits of freshly filtered, boiling hot water on tap. 

Without costly (and problematic) electronics, the simple and effective design of the Insinkerator boilng water system is a proven performer in homes and offices all around Australia.


Every Insinkerator Steaming Water Tap system includes a high quality multistage filtration module made in USA. This advanced carbon filtration technology protects you and your equipment from sediment, rust, chlorine, chemicals and ensures great tasting water, free from bad taste and odour.

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Insinkerator Steaming Water Tap GN1100

Insinkerator GN1100 Steaming Hot Filtered Water Tap. The cost effective, affordable solution for instant boiling water for your office or kitchen. No Pumps, No problematic electronics, No Fuss. The perfect alternative to the kettle.

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