Enozo EnozoHOME Ozone Sanitiser Deodoriser Cleaner

We've replicated natural ozone generation in the palm of your hand using only tap water and a solid diamond electrode. Find out more about how ADEPT ozone technology is changing the way Australians clean and sanitise their homes.
  • No toxic chemicals or residues
  • Safe to touch and smell
  • 99.9% elimination of bacteria
  • Independantly Laboratory tested in USA
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Aqueous ozone is a powerful sanitiser that is revolutionising the way people sanitise, deodorise and clean spaces.

The EnozoHOME Ozone Sanitiser spray bottle is the perfect companion for mums and dads searching for a environmentally safe, chemical-free method of sanitising throughout the home and office.


How is EnozoHOME used?

Using EnozoHOME is simple. FILL - CHARGE - SANITISE

Aqueous ozone requires a contact time of 30 seconds to achieve a 99.9% kill rate of most pathogens. Activate the spray bottle by pulling the trigger. Ozonated water will spray from the nozzle onto the surface you are sanitising. Apply some Ozonated water to a clean cloth and wipe the surface to ensure good coverage.

The aqueous ozone within the sanitiser will dissapate within 5 minutes of being applied and converts back to water and oxygen.

EnozoHOME uses standard tap water to operate and requires no special additives. Unlike your steam iron, it doesn't even need demineralised water!

The built in battery will power the spray bottle for up to 6 refills per charge, ensuring you have enough sanitiser to clean the whole home on one charge.

Designed for use on hard surfaces such as kitchen benchtops, cupboard doors, tables, chairs and bathroom areas, EnozoHOME has been independantly tested to kill 99.9% of harmful pathogens found in the home.


Beneifts of EnozoHOME

Aqueous ozone has many benefits, especially in a world where we are being educated on the staggering speed in the spread of life threatening sicknesses.

Here are a few of the primary benefits of EnozoHOME for your family:

No Toxic Chemicals    |   Eliminate Odours   |   Leaves No Residue   |   No Fragrences or Dyes   |  Safe to Touch and Smel    |   Commercial Sanitising Power


How does Aqueous Ozone (AO) work?

Ozonated water produced by the EnozoHome spray bottle unit is a strong oxidant that can a chieve a better than 99.9% pathogen kill rate including E. coli, Salmonella species and MRSA without the use of harmfull chemicals.

Ozone (O3) is a powerful sanitiser that has been used across the globe for over a centuary. Ozone is a naturally occuring substance in the earths crust and atmosphere and is generated by natural processes such as lightning.

The EnozoHome sanitiser spray produces Aqueous Ozone (AO) using the patented ADEPT technology (Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology). The efficacy results published in the downloadable information has been tested at Lapuck Laboratories, Canton, Mass. USA.


Is Aqueous Ozone Safe?

Yes, Ozone from the EnozoHOME spray bottle is safe to use. The aqueous ozone produces by this system is Green Seal® Certified, generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA and is part of the EPA Establishment.


ADEPT: Activated Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology

EnozoHOME uses patented ADEPT technolgy to safely create ozone using only tap water and battery power. The integrated ozone cell uses power from the built in battery pack to generate aqueous ozone as it leave the spray bottle.

Check out the short video below to find out more about ADEPT ozone technology.


How long will my EnozoHOME spray bottle last

Under normal home use conditions your EnozoHOME should last approximately 500-600 refils of the 300mL tank. This works out to approximately 4 years of use before you replace your EnozoHOME.

EnozoHOME 7.2v Lithium Ion rechargeable battery is not replaceable and is sealed within the base of the spray bottle.


EnozoHOME Testing Results

EnozoHOME has been independantly tested by Lapuck Laboratories, Canton, Mass, USA following directions in the EnozoHOME instruction manual. All testing was done on non-porus stainless steel surfaces.


  • No toxic chemicals or residues
  • Safe to touch and smell
  • 99.9% elimination of bacteria
  • Independantly Laboratory tested in USA
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