Legionella Test Systems

Legionella management in hospital and healthcare facilities demands stringent attention to water quality control and monitoring to ensure patients and staff are protected from harm.

HYDROsenseTM Rapid Legionella Test kits give healthcare facility managers a fast, 30 minute test which provides an immediate picture of the legionella contamination risk and allows you to make faster, better-informed decisions about improving water quality.

This highly sensitive test detects Legionella pneumophila at concentrations as low as 100 CFU/L and is ideally suited to high risk applications such as healthcare, hospitality, cooling towers, spa pools to name a few.

The Single Syringe Legionella Test Kit is most suitable for hospital faclilities testing water quality from showers and basin taps for the presence of Legionella.

HYDROsense Legionella Single Syringe Test Kit

Breakthrough technology for rapid (30 minute) legionella testing and detection. Helping healthcare and facility coordinators make faster, better-informed decisions about improving water quality.


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