Resin Cartridges

Ion-exchange resin cartridges are used in many industries for removing specific contaminants from the water supply.

Resin beads are used to exchange either positive ions (cation) or negative ions (anions) when adsorbing contaminants from the water.


Softening Resin Cartridges are used to adsorb calcium and magnesium ions from the water. These ions are generally associated with mineral scale build-up in hot water and steam equipment.

Mixed-bed Resin Cartridges contain a mixture of cation and anion beads that remove both positively charged and negatively charged ions from the water. Contaminants such as sodium, phosphate, chloride, silica, calcium and magnesium ions are adsorbed by this resin, effectively de-mineralising or de-ionising the water.


Uniflow 10" Mixed-Bed Deionising Cartridge

Uniflow FCR-Series 10" x 2.5" mixed-bed DI cartridge for laboratory and high purity applications requiring 16 megohm water quality. Adsorption capacity of 17,500 mg TDS as CaCO3 per cartridge. Suits standard 10" filter housings in Australia.


Aquastream 10" Softening Resin Cartridge

Uniflow FCR-Series 10" x 2.5" Softening Resin-Carbon cartridge for coffee and steam equipment. Providing advanced scale adsorption and taste and odour correction, this cartridge suits standard 10" drop-in housings in Australia


Uniflow 20" High Capacity Mixed Bed Resin DI

Uniflow FCR-Series 20" x 4.5" mixed-bed deionising cartridge for ultra-pure water production suitable for medical and pharmaceutical washing, rinsing and sterilising applications. Adsorption capacity of 120,000 mg of TDS as CaCO3.


Uniflow 20" Standard Capacity Mixed-Bed Deion

Uniflow FCR-Series 20" x 2.5" mixed-bed deionising cartridge for medical and pharmaceutical rinsing, washing and sterilising applications requiring 16 megohm water quality. Adsorption capacity of 38,800 gm of TDS as CaCO3 per cartridge.


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