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Medical Shower and Tap

First response control for Legionella bacteria in showers and basin taps

With ever increasing focus being placed on the prevention and control of Legionella pneumophila infection in hospitals and aged care facilities, many organisations are floundering with finding the right solution for their premises.

The Pentair Filtrix range of shower and tap filters provide a guaranteed and certified supply of water free from legionella and other bacterial contaminants. With models available to suit both shower and tap applications, these unique filters are adaptable to most faucet and shower connections.

Both the Sterile and Standard systems utilize the unique replaceable cartridge system which can be replaced in moments. 

The Filtrix range of filters have been created to minimize the risk of infection right at the last possible moment before contact with the patient.


Medical Shower Filters


Designed specifically for the medical and healthcare sector, the Pentair Filtrix range of shower filters provide a guaranteed source of water, free from Legionella, Pseudomonas and other bacterial contaminations.

This advanced range of filters provide instant protection for areas experiencing elevated plate counts and enable staff to safely utilise every available bathroom in the unit.

With simple screwed connection to standard shower hoses, installation is fast and easy. The unique Quick-Connect replacement cartridges are simple to remove with the push of a button.

The sterile range is validated for 35 consecutive days of use and incorporates anti-microbial properties in on the green outlet cap, providing added protection from bacteria growth from handling.

The standard range is now validated for 70 consecutive days and incorporate the same filtration as the sterile range and have a standard white outlet cap.


Medical Tap Filters


The Medical Tap Filter is similar to the shower set however is configured to adapt to standard tap spouts and provides validated protection against Legionella, Pseudomonas and other bacteria.

Providing instant protection for areas experiancing high plate counts, these filters are ideal for critical areas such as theatres, intensive care and other high risk applications.

Available in both the sterile and standard ranges, replacement cartridges are easy to change by staff or maintenance personnel.

The standard range of tap filters are now validated for 70 days of consecutive use.




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