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Premium replacement rainwater filters for undersink filter systems - Bacteriostatic Protection


Providing your family and staff with fresh, healthy drinking water is always important, ensuring they keep hydrated and achieve optimum performance.

With over 15 years experiance in drinking water filtration, we have researched the best replacment water filter cartridges in the world and packaged them in handy replacement filter kits to suit standard 10" undersink filter systems commonly used in Australia.

With a full range of replacement water filter cartridges for rainwater supplies, browse the below options for reduction of harmful microorganisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, bad taste & odour correction, heavy metal reduction as well as chemicals and chlorine.


Puretec PL011 10" Pleated Sediment Cartridge

Puretec PL011 Pleated Water Filters offer high dirt holding capacity applications such as rainwater and bore water systems. Suits standard 10" water filter housings in Australia.


FPP Series 10" Pleated Polyester Sediment Fil

10" Pleated Sediment Cartridges are used to reduce dirt and particles in your water supply. Choice of Micron Ratings from 0.35-Micron to 50-Micron Performance Option

From $15.34

RRP $20.52

Puretec CE941 Ceramic Silver Water Filter

Genuine Puretec CE941 Ceramic Silver Carbon Water Filters are ideal for rainwater and bore water supplies. Protecting from harmful bacteria, this filter can be washed and reused numerous times. Replace every 12-18 Months


Puretec PX Series 10" Polyspun Sediment Cartr

Puretec PX Series Polyspun cartridges effectively reduce dirt, rust, scale and sediment. Designed to suit 10" Standard Diameter housings, this cartridge is ideal for both pre-filtration and final stage filtration applications.

From $11.99

UltraPleat-HD 10" Pleated Silver Carbon Filte

UltraPleat-HD Series 10" x 2.5" advanced water filter cartridge offers guaranteed protection from 99.95% bactera, cysts and virus commonly found in rainwater and bore water supplies. Heavy metals reduction and cyst rated submicron performance


Uniflow 10" Pleated Carbon Cartridge - Standa

Uniflow Pleated Carbon water filter cartridges are ideal for rain water, bore water and mains water supplies. Providing both sediment reduction and taste and odour correction, these dual purpose cartridges are ideal for non-chlorinated water supplies.


Uniflow 10" x 2.5" Silver-Carbon Block F

Uniflow Silver-Carbon Block Series water filter cartridges offer exceptional taste, odour and colour improvement for rainwater and un-chlorinated water supplies. Available in 4 standard sizes to suit standard Australian filter housings. Antibacterial


Uniflow 10" Silver Carbon Block Filter - 1 Mi

Uniflow 10" Carbon Block Cartridges are trusted for guaranteed quality and performance. Used for reduction of sediment, chlorine, chemicals, taste & odour. Choose from a range of micron ratings and an option for Silver Impregnated antibacterial properties


Uniflow GAC Silver Carbon Rainwater Filter Kit

Uniflow Granular Silver-Carbon Rainwater Filter Kit. Filtration Performance of 5 Micron will remove fine particles and excellent taste & odour reduction. Suits standard 10" undersink filter housings in Australia.


Aquastream NanoSilver Twin Rainwater Filter Kit

Uniflow Platimum Twin Undersink Rain/Mains replacement filter cartridge kit includes 1 micron sediment filtration and advanced UltraPleat-HD cartridge for 99.9% cyst removal for your protection. Suits standard 10" undersink filter housings in Australia.


Uniflow Premium Rainwater Filter Kit - 1 Micron

Uniflow Premium Rainwater Filter Kit for twin undersink water filter systems. Quality made in USA. Extra Fine 1 Micron ensures cyst removal for your protection as well as antibacterial properties. Suits standard 10" undersink filter housings in Australia.


Uniflow Silver-Carbon Rainwater Filter Kit

Replacement Silver-Carbon Twin Undersink Rainwater Filter Kit is ideal for taste, odour and colour enhancement. Each kit includes a high-capacity 5 micron pleated sediment filter and a premium 10 micron silver-carbon antibacterial cartridge


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