Mixed-Bed Deionising Cartridges

Pure deionised water for laboratory and dental

The Uniflow FCR-Series mixed-bed deionising cartridges are ideal for use in pharmaceutical, medical, laboratory, dental and cosmetic applications.

Designed for deionising water up to 16 megohms for high purity rinsing, washing and testing purposes, this cartridge is commoly used as a polishing cartridge on reverse osmosis (RO) systems producing high quality pure water.

Available in standard diameter 10" and 20" formats as well as a high capacity 'Big Blue' large diameter format, this range of cartridges suits standard housings in Australia.

Uniflow 10" Mixed-Bed Deionising Cartridge

Uniflow FCR-Series 10" x 2.5" mixed-bed DI cartridge for laboratory and high purity applications requiring 16 megohm water quality. Adsorption capacity of 17,500 mg TDS as CaCO3 per cartridge. Suits standard 10" filter housings in Australia.


Uniflow 20" High Capacity Mixed Bed Resin DI

Uniflow FCR-Series 20" x 4.5" mixed-bed deionising cartridge for ultra-pure water production suitable for medical and pharmaceutical washing, rinsing and sterilising applications. Adsorption capacity of 120,000 mg of TDS as CaCO3.


Uniflow 20" Standard Capacity Mixed-Bed Deion

Uniflow FCR-Series 20" x 2.5" mixed-bed deionising cartridge for medical and pharmaceutical rinsing, washing and sterilising applications requiring 16 megohm water quality. Adsorption capacity of 38,800 gm of TDS as CaCO3 per cartridge.


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