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Scale Reduction Cartridges

Uniflow Scale Reduction cartridges contain food grade hexametaphosphate which reduces scale and rust buildup in water appliances.


This type of treatment is recommended for use with food service equipment including boiling water systems, steam ovens, coffee machines and ice appliances.

Carbon Block Scale Reduction - Designed to combine the benefits of carbon block activated carbon technology with excellent sediment, chlorine taste and odour reduction with scale inhibiting properties.

Available in 10" and 20" lengths in standard diameter cartridges.


Granular Carbon Scale Reduction - Ideal for use on coffee machines and boiling water systems, granular activated carbon is used to correct taste and odour included with scale inhibiting properties of hexametaphosphate.


  • Scale protection for boiling water systems
  • Food-grade hexametaphosphate
  • Carbon Block or GAC types
  • Suits standard 10" and 20" housings
  • Food Service
  • Boiling water appliances
  • Steam ovens
  • Coffee machines

Uniflow Carbon Block Scale Reduction Cartridges

Carbon Block Scale Reduction cartridges are ideal for foodservice applications for boiling water systems, steam ovens and coffee equipment. Food-grade slow dissolving hexametaphosphate inhibits scale forming on internal surfaces. Available in 10" and 20"

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