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Dental Water Systems

Aquastream assists Dental Practices with advanced demineralizers for sterilization and washdown. Autoclaves, thermal disinfectors and washers require high purity water for washing and rinse cycles to ensure optimum performance.

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Browse our selection of Uniflow equipment and replacement cartridges for demineralized water systems. 


Uniflow Mixed Bed Resin Deionising Cartridge Kit

Filter Service Kit to suit Uniflow Compact Demineraliser systems. Supplied in a convenient Twin Pack for easy purchase and shipping Australia wide. High quality laboratory grade NRW2340 Ion-Exchange resin for high purity water.

$86.95 +GST

DOW Filmtec Reverse Osmosis Membranes TW30-1812

Uniflow Reverse Osmosis Membranes are sourced from reputable suppliers such as Dow and Axeon. Choose from capacities including 24, 36, 50, 75 and 100 Gallon per Day capacities. Uniflow Logic Demineralisers use 100 GPD Membranes.

From $74.25 +GST

RRP $148.50 +GST

Uniflow Compact Demineraliser

The affordable source of high purity demineralised water. Suitable for smaller Australian dental practices requiring water for autoclaves, disinfectors and chairs. The compact undersink solution.

$449.95 +GST

Uniflow Logic Demineraliser

Ideal for larger dental practices, the Uniflow Logic Demineraliser produces up to 350 Litres of High-Purity water every day. Plumbed directly to autoclaves, disinfectors or dental chairs, or simply fill jugs from the sink mounted dispenser.

$895.00 +GST

Uniflow Logic Demineraliser Filter Service Kit

Filter Service Kit to suit Uniflow Logic Demineraliser Systems. Kit includes Sediment & Carbon prefilters and Mixed Bed DI polishing cartridge. Laboratory Grade NRW3240 DI resin ensures high quality pure water.

$111.50 +GST

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RRP $123.90 +GST

Uniflow LP-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

Uniflow LP-Series light commercial reverse osmosis systems feature pure water production capacities from 1300-2600 litres per day. Outstanding performance from extra low-energy membranes and low maintenance pump-less design. See options inside.

From $2,610.00 +GST

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