Premier Pleat Polyethersulfone

Medical grade Log 7 reduction of bacteria

Premier Pleat Polyethersulfone FPPES-Series cartridges offer Log 7 bacteria retention making it ideal for beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and other critical applications.


The PES membrane, along with its pre and post-layer of polypropylene, ensuring advanced membrane protection, are manufactured from FDA approved materials meeting the test certificate for USP Class VI - 121°C Plastics, which means it can be sterilised separately or using Clean-In-Place (CIP) processes.

The application of a 110 micron thick layer of graded density membrane to the media substrate enables the absolute rated media to perform removal rates of bacteria such as Brevundimonas diminuta to 99.99999% (Log 7) assuring purity of the filtrate.


Suitable for use across a wide range of chemical applications and a broad pH spectrum, the absolute rated FPPES series filter delivers performance and product reliability.


Available in standard lengths from 9-3/4" to 40" with a range of end-cap options to select.


  • Absolute filtration performance
  • Suitable for repeated sterilisation
  • Hydrophilic membrane
  • Log 7 reduction of bacteria
  • 82°C temperature rating
  • Absolute Filtration
  • Beverage purification
  • Medical & pharmaceutical
  • Fine chemical filtration
  • Legionella Removal


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