Drinking Water Systems For Offices & Warehouses

With a strong commitment to the Australian business sector, Aquastream has emerged as a leading supplier of drinking water equipment and replacement water filters.

Providing water solutions for corporate offices, staff breakout areas, lunchrooms, our clients benefit from a wide range of proven equipment from trusted brands.

Providing reliable boiling, chilled filtered water for every area of your business is essential to staff hydration and performance.


Solutions for Corporate Offices

Contemporary water solutions for commercial and government offices across Australia.

Hydration is essential for optimum staff performance, we help you through the process of selecting the right boiling, chilled or filtered water system for your office.

Drinking water solutions for staff breakout and collaboration areas provide easy access to instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water.

Providing water for your clients in waiting areas enhances the customer experience, placing your organisation in front.

Furthermore, our ultraviolet disinfection systems make it ultimately easier for you to provide safe drinking water for your team always.



Our range of products for Corporate Offices


Solutions for Factory and Warehouse

Manufacturing and warehouse staff need access to cool, safe water to ensure optimum work performance and health.

Installation of drinking fountains encourages staff to constantly keep hydrated, increasing focus and higher morale.

Benefit from our experience in choosing the right instant boiling water for your staff lunchroom, saving valuable staff time boiling jugs and urns.




Our range of products for Factories & Warehouse