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How often should I change my Zip or Billi CO2 cylinder?

At Aquastream, we know how to keep your drinking water bubbly and refreshing with help from our great range of CO2 cylinders. When it comes to knowing how often you should change your CO2 cylinder, it’s important to keep in mind that all food grade gas bottles have a shelf life, so you should use it for any longer than 2 years (even if it’s not empty). Also, if you’ve noticed that the water tastes a bit flat or isn’t coming out as fizzy as it usually does, that’s a good sign that the CO2 cylinder for your sparkling water is getting low or is already empty, and you’ll have to get yourself a new Zip or Billi replacement CO2 cylinder. And guess what? Shop now and we’ll send it to you straight away, wherever you are in Australia!

How long will a Zip or Billi replacement CO2 cylinder last?

It’s a little hard to say how long a CO2 cylinder for sparkling water will last, as the exact time may differ depending on certain factors. For example, if a lot of people in your household enjoy the refreshing taste of sparkling water, then you’ll use up the gas more quickly compared to people who drink it more sparingly. Also, when the weather heats up, you’ll want to naturally drink more chilled sparkling water when you’re at home, or fill up bottles to take with you. To give you a rough idea of how much you’ll get from a sparkling water CO2 cylinder before it needs replacing, a 1.0kg Zip or Billi CO2 cylinder creates about 165 litres of sparkling water, while a 2.6kg Zip CO2 cylinder gives you about 430 litres. If you simply can’t get enough sparkling water, Aquastream’s tip - if you’ve got a secure space (away from heat), then order your CO2 cylinders in bulk, so you’ll have spares on hand and you’ll get them all at an even better discounted price!

What are the main differences between the Aquastream disposable CO2 cylinder, and a Billi or Zip CO2 cylinder replacement?

Both reliable brands, you can’t really go wrong with either a Billi or Zip CO2 cylinder replacement. But, if you really appreciate value for money, then you might want to think about switching to the Aquastream disposable CO2 cylinder range.

Our Aquastream sparkling water CO2 cylinder is:

  • purposely designed to fit with Billi and Zip sparkling water systems (read the product descriptions for specifics on which systems each Aquastream CO2 cylinder is compatible with)
  • manufactured to high-quality standards and filled with food grade CO2
  • easy install - DIY
  • cheaper - plus you can buy in bulk and SAVE
  • And if that’s not enough - order today and we’ll ship out our Aquastream CO2 cylinders to you ASAP.


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