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Puretec X6-R Replacement PureMix Water Filter

Genuine Puretec X6-R replacement water filter for the PureMix X6 Undersink Water Filter System. Quad Action Filtration Technology reduces dirt, sediment, rust particles, chemicals, chlorine, tastes & odours. Puretec long life filter technology.


Puretec QT12R Replacement Quick-Twist Water Filter

Genuine Puretec QT12R replacement water filter to suit the Puretec Quick-Twist series water filter systems including QT12 and QT18 models. Advanced carbon briquette technology incorporates mutistage protection from Giardia and Cryptosporidium.


Puretec TS200 Twin Undersink Filter System PLUS Fr

The TS200 Undersink Water Filter System is perfect for the home and office water supplies. This system reduces sediments and particles from your water as well as chlorine and chemicals. Start enjoying fresh, sparkling clear water today. Free Filter Kit


Puretec CE941 Ceramic Silver Filter Cartridge

Genuine Puretec CE941 Ceramic Silver Carbon Water Filters are ideal for rainwater and bore water supplies. Protecting from harmful bacteria, this filter can be washed and reused numerous times. Replace every 12-18 Months


Puretec CR20 In-line Caravan/RV Filter Kit

Puretec CR20 caravan filter kit is the ultimate solution for safe purified water, no matter how remote the locationg of your camping adventures, it's never been easier. Includes brass hose connections for easy tank filling. Also suitable for inline.


Puretec GC051 10 Inch Granular Carbon Cartridge 5M

Genuine Puretec GC051 Granular Carbon Cartridges offer exceptional reduction of chemicals, chlorine, bad taste and odours. This 10" cartridge suits a wide range of standard filter housings in Australia.


Puretec MPOR-G O-ring Set for MaxiPlus Housings

Genuine Puretec MaxiPlus O-ring kit to suit the grey MP-Series high flow housings. This series boasts a dual O-ring seal connection for optimum leak-free operation. Both O-rings are included in this kit.


Puretec PL011 10" Pleated Sediment Cartridge

Puretec PL011 Pleated Water Filters offer high dirt holding capacity applications such as rainwater and bore water systems. Suits standard 10" water filter housings in Australia.


Puretec PX Series 10" Polyspun Sediment Cartr

Puretec PX Series Polyspun cartridges effectively reduce dirt, rust, scale and sediment. Designed to suit 10" Standard Diameter housings, this cartridge is ideal for both pre-filtration and final stage filtration applications.

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Puretec RL6 Replacment UV Lamp for Hybrid G7 Treat

Replacement RL6 Ultraviolet Lamp to suit Hybrid G7 rainwater treatment system by Puretec. Lamp life of 9000 hours or 12-Months. Packaged for safe shipping across Australia.


Puretec Softrol SOL30-E1 Automatic Cabinet Water S

Puretec Softrol Cabinet Water Softener SOL30-E1 is ideal for small-medium homes, protecting your appliances from mineral scale and water hardness issues. Compact and Watermark approved, the Softrol has you covered.


Puretec Softrol SOL30-E3 Volumetric Cabinet Water

Puretec Softrol Volumetric Cabinet Water Softener SOL30-E3 is ideal for small to medium homes, protecting your appliances from mineral scale and water hardness issues. Compact and Watermark approved, the Softrol has you covered.


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