DISCONTINUED Aquastream NANO 3-Stage Fluoride Reduction System

Aquastream NANO 3-Stage Fluoride Reduction System includes an Omnipure Fluoride Reduction Filter, Fibredyne Carbon Filter and NANO-Series Filter. Advanced filter system targeting fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine, cysts, bacteria and viruses.

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable Removal of Approx. 97% Fluoride
  • Fluoride Cartridge Made in USA by Omnipure
  • 99.9% Removal of Viruses, Bacteria and Cysts with NANO-Series Filter
  • Exceptional Chlorine and Heavy Metals Reduction
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Aquastream NANO 3-Stage Fluoride Reduction System provides reliable removal of approximately 97% of fluoride, 99.9% protection from viruses, bacteria and cysts while producing beautiful tasting water.  In addition it has an exceptional capacity to reduce chlorine and heavy metals while retaining the natural minerals in your water. 

Ideal for mains water supplies which are almost always fluoridated, this advanced water filter kit offers advanced filter life compared with 0.2 Micron Ceramic water filter cartridges.

Supplied with the stylish Aquastream 'ARC' chrome dispenser tap mounts neatly on the sink while the triple purifier is housed under the sink.


The 5 Micron Genuine Omnipure Fluoride Reduction filter cartridge is made by Omnipure in USA. It provides reliable removal of approximately 97% of the fluoride in your water and at least >90% of fluoride for up to 1,900 litres. It has also been Tested and Certified by NSF International against the NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only. 


The 1 Micron Fibredyne Silver Carbon filter cartridge in the second stage catches the dirt and sediment particles in the water while offering high capacity chlorine taste and odour reduction.  This cartridge offers extremely low pressure drops and high flow rates, comparable to 10 micron water filters (very open) with the benefit of fine filtration down to 1 micron.  This is achieved with the unique Fibredyne open pore filter structure which minimises the use of binders found in common carbon cartridges while still containing plenty of powdered coconut-shell carbon which boasts chlorine reduction for up to 37,800 litres. 


The advanced NANO Sub-Micron Electroadsorptive media technology in the third stage filter acts as a final level of protection provides 99.9% reduction of viruses, bacteria and cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, as well as reduction of heavy metals.  By using electroadsorptive technology and a pleated design with an outer wrap, your filter life will be second to none.  The pore size is able to be larger (2-3 microns), while still filtering down to 0.2 microns due to a powerful charge field throughout the depth of the media. 

View more about the advanced benefits of the NANO Series Water Filters


Both cartridges use real silver, well known for its bacteriostatic properties to inhibit the browth of bacteria within the filter media.  For this same system without the heavy metals and cyst, virus and bacteria removal, ask for our Aquastream Duo Fluoride Reduction System. 

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Aquastream NANO Fluoride Reduction System Protection from 97% fluoride, 99.9% viruses, bacteria and cysts as well as heavy metal reduction

Exceptional Filter Life from the Fibredyne & NANO Electroadsorptive media technology

First Stage - Genuine Omnipure fluoride Removal Cartridge provides more than 90% reduction of fluoride for up to 1,900 Litres. NSF Certified Materials. Made in the USA



Second Stage - Advanced Fibredyne Silver Carbon filter reducing sediment, dirt and rust particles and chlorine, taste and odour. Assembled in USA.



Third Stage - Advanced Aquastream NANO filter to reduce 99.9% bacteria, virus & cysts as well as heavy metals reduction. Made in USA. NSF Certified for removal of harmful bacteria. 

Sub Micron



Maintenance requirements

Your Aquastream NANO 3-Stage Fluoride Reduction System requires the water filter cartridges to be replaced every 6 to 12 months of use to ensure your water is safe and healthy to drink.

As water filters are designed to remove particles from the water supply, it is normal that the filter will slowly become blocked as water is used. NANO water filters should be replaced at least every 12 months according to manufacturer testing.

As a guide, if you have less than 3 persons using the water filter, you can expect a filter life of approximately 12 months. For families of 4 or more persons, you may find the flow from the filter slowing down closer to 6 months from installation.

Need replacement filters?  Find your replacement Aquastream NANO Fluoride Reduction Cartridge Kit here. 

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable Removal of Approx. 97% Fluoride
  • Fluoride Cartridge Made in USA by Omnipure
  • 99.9% Removal of Viruses, Bacteria and Cysts with NANO-Series Filter
  • Exceptional Chlorine and Heavy Metals Reduction
Brand Aquastream
Shipping Weight 6.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.400m
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Shipping Length 0.500m
Shipping Cubic 0.040000000m3

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