Dura Twin Upgrade to Aquastream Quick-Change Water Filter Kit

Dura Twin Upgrade to Aquastream Quick-Change Water Filter Kit

Upgrading to Aquastream Quick-Change has many benefits including single-cartridge compact design, sanitary dual o-ring connection and fast and easy filter replacements - without the leaks. Upgrade your twin undersink today....
  • Easy upgrade from twin to Quick-Change
  • Use your existing dispenser tap
  • Enjoy the benefits of Quick-Change 
  • Fast, easy, leak-free water filters
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Upgrade your existing Dura twin water filter system to the latest filtration technology with this simple Quick-Change upgrade kit.

With so many of our Australian clients looking to upgrade their existing water filter system, Aquastream has developed this unique kit to include all the gear you need for a fast and easy upgrade to your existing Dura water filter system.

NOTE: This upgrade kit is only suitable for installations where filtered water is supplied to a separate dispenser tap on the sink. If your existing twin water filter is connected to a mixer tap or standard cold water tap, check out the Aquastream MXT Pro Mixer Tap Water Filter System which includes the benefits of Quick-Change.


The benefits of Quick-Change

Aquastream Quick-Change Upgrade Kit connects directly in place of your existing dual water filter housing and offers a lot of benefits including:

Better Water Quality - Benefit from the latest technology for improved water quality and fine submicron filtration.
Improved Connection - Take advantage of the quick-change filter connection that is more sanitary and as easy to change as a light globe.
Compact Design - Free up more space in your kitchen cupboard thanks to the space saving, compact design.


Easy DIY Installation

If you're the handy sort, you may like to try installing your new Quick-Change upgrade water filter yourself. Aquastream has included all the fittings required for your upgrade including new flexible tubing which will give you peace of mind that your system is ready for years of service. The simple bracket design allows the filter to be mounted with the water flow going in either direction. 

Remember, it is always recommended that you contract the assistance of your local plumber.


FAQ's about upgrading

Quick-Change is so compact, how can it do the same job as my larger dual water filter?

Good question. The reason for this is the unique multistage filtration technology inside the Quick-Change which improves the capacity and maintains the longevity of the filter inside a more compact design.

The Aquastream Quick-Change is tried and tested in Australia and is perfectly suited to Australian mains water conditions. If you are not happy with the performance of your filter, we will refund the full cost of your upgrade kit within 30 days of purchase, excluding any installation fees you have been charged.


Will my water taste different with Quick-Change?

No, you shouldn't taste any difference to your water compared to your Dura. 

Quick-Change still uses the tried and tested power of carbon filtration to improve the taste of the mains water. Quick-Change offers a better level of filtration with fine 0.5 micron performance and is rated to remove cysts to save overload to your immune system.

  • Easy upgrade from twin to Quick-Change
  • Use your existing dispenser tap
  • Enjoy the benefits of Quick-Change 
  • Fast, easy, leak-free water filters
Barcode # 9352837004142
Brand Aquastream

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