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Water Filter Systems


Drinking pure, quality water is possibly the most important thing in your life..... 

While local authorities and councils strive to deliver safe, quality water to our homes and offices, there is many kilometres of pipework and reservoirs that contaminate our drinking water supplies.

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Uniflow Silver Ceramic Rainwater Filter System

The Uniflow Silver Ceramic Twin Undersink Water Filter System is ideal for rainwater supplies, remove harmful bacteria as well as improving the taste and odour of the water ensuring great tasting, safe, healthy water. Filtration performance of 0.2 micron


Uniflow Quick-Change Undersink Filter System

Uniflow Quick-Change Undersink Filter System, Sediment, Chlorine Taste & Odour, Cyst reduction for peace of mind. Supplied in a kit with all the items required for installation. Your answer to fresh, pure, great tasting water...


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RRP $247.50

Uniflow MXT Pro Mixer Tap Water Filter System

Uniflow MXT Pro Undersink Filter System turns your mains water tap into a premium filter tap. Supplied in a kit with all the items required for installation. Premium filtration reduces sediments, chemicals, chlorine taste and odours as well as cysts.


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RRP $218.90