Ultra Low-Energy Membranes

Reduce energy costs with 80psi operating pressure and 98.5% rejection

The Axeon HF5-Series Ultra Low Energy Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements significantly reduce energy consumption.

Manufacured in the USA with Axeon's proprietory HF5 Technology, these membranes operate at pressures as low as 80 psi, while maintaining a typical rejection rate of 98.5%.

Countering the effects of cold water on RO permeate production rates, the HF5-Series offer a simple solution to boost the output of existing systems, providing high flow rates at low operating pressures.

Axeon HF5 reverse osmosis membranes are currently the only elements on the market that provide all the benefits of a standard low energy RO membrane while operating at this 5.5 bar (80 psi) specification.


Axeon HF5-2540 Ultra Low-Energy RO Membrane Elemen

Axeon HF5-2540 Thin-Film RO Membrane. Producing 850 GPD (3.22 m3/d) of pure water from municipal water supplies. Ultra low-pressure membrane operates at 80 psi / 5.52 bar with 98.5% nominal salt reduction.


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