Standard-Energy Membranes

High rejection rate membranes with 225psi operating pressures

Standard energy reverse osmosis membranes are designed for municipal and brackish water applications operating at a standard 225 psi pressure.

Consistent membrane improvements in the industry has led to vastly improved 'Low Fouling Technology' through techniques including thicker feed channel spacer with biostatic properties to handle contaminants commonly known to foul the membrane surface.

This technology advancement has led to higher rejection rates while ensuring extended service life.

Hydronautics RO Membrane - Low Fouling - CPA5-LD-4

Hydronautics CPA5-LD Series Reverse Osmosis Membrane. Producing 2,100 GPD (7.95 m3/d) of pure water from municipal and brackish water supplies. Standard 225psi operating pressure with 99.7% nominal salt reduction.


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