Large Home Systems

Homeowners across Australia are on the lookout for reliable rainwater treatment to ensure safe water for drinking and bathing.

To help take out the guesswork of choosing a rainwater pump and filtration system, we have designed a range of pump & filtration packages that suit the most common home applications.

Large Home Rainwater Pump and Filtration with UV S

Packaged rainwater pumping and treatment to suit large homes. Advanced ultraviolet disinfection ensures 99.9% kill rate of common bacteria in rainwater tanks. Delivering high flow rates of 70 Litres per minute at 300kPa this system suits 4-8 person homes


Uniflow H2O-FLO Single UV Water Treatment System

The H2O-FLO Series Sinle UV Water Treatment Systems provide ultimate protection for medium family homes and offices. Taste and odour filtration coupled with powerful Blackcomb UV disinfection, provide protection for the every tap in the house.


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