Aquastream 93223 (Zip Compatible) Sparkling CO2 Upgrade Kit - 2.6kg

Aquastream 93223 (Zip Compatible) Sparkling CO2 Upgrade Kit - 2.6kg

SKU: FZP-93223
Find out how easy it is to upgrade to the Aquastream Refillable 2.6kg Sparkling CO2 cylinders for your Zip Hydrotap drinking water system. Save on refills and save our planet from landfill by doing your bit while still enjoying the sparkles.
  • New 2.6kg Cylinder approved to Australian Standards
  • New commercial grade twin gauge regulator
  • Supplied full of CO2 (4.0L)
  • Free delivery across the country
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Aquastream Sparkling RECHARGE CO2 REFILL 2.6Kg $176.00
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Upgrading your Zip or Billi sparkling water system to the Aquastream SPARKLING RECHARGE 2.6kg refillable CO2 sparkling cylinders is very easy and not only saves our planet from landfill but also holds more than 2x the COcompared to a single disposable CO2 cylinder.

If you are still using the ZIP 91295 Disposable CO2 Sparkling Cylinders or BILLI 996912 Disposable CO2 Sparkling Cylinders, it's time to upgrade and start your savings TODAY!

* Comparison of 2.6kg recharge cylinder to a regular 1.1kg disposable cylinder.



We all know too well that poor mother earth is slowly but surely filling up with human junk. By upgrading to the Aquastream 2.6kg Refillable SPARKLING RECHARGE CO2 system you will not only be saving our planet but also benefit from an extra 15%* CO2 per refil!

Starting with SPARKLING RECHARGE is simple and is fully approved for use with Zip and Billi drinking water systems.


How do I get started with SPARKLING RECHARGE CO2 ?

To begin with you will need to purchase this SPARKLING RECHARGE Starter Pack which includes your first full SPARKLING RECHARGE 2.6kg refillable cylinder as well as a new commercial grade twin-gauge regulator which shows both cylinder pressure and supply pressure to your sparkling water system.

Simply unpack your new cylinder and connect the regulator by following the instructions provided.

Open the cylinder valve, adjust the regulator to achieve optimum sparkles and start enjoying environmentally friendly sparkling water.


How do I RECHARGE my CO2 Cylinder?

SPARKLING RECHARGE provides FREE return shipping for empty Aquastream Sparkling RECHARGE cylinders anywhere in Australia.

  1. Scan the RECHARGE QR code located on your cylinder
  2. Create your FREE COLLECTION booking by entering your collection address.
  3. Leave your empty Sparkling RECHARGE cylinder outside for collection.
  4. Your cylinder will be collected within 2 business days.


Life cycle of the CO2 Cylinder

Sparkling RECHARGE gives us the ability to minimise landfill, protect our planet and save our natural resources!


Will the Sparkling RECHARGE cylinder fit my cupboard?

Refillable 2.6kg CO2 cylinders hold more than double the gas volume compared to a Disposable 1.1kg CO2 cylinder and take up a bit more space in your cupboard.

Sparkling RECHARGE requires a vertical space of 500mm (50cm) inside your cupboard. This is only an extra 120mm (12cm) of space above your existing disposable system.

Find out if Sparkling RECHARGE can fit in your cupboard by cheking out the dimensions below.



Sparkling Recharge cylinders are covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Sparkling Recharge twin guage regulators are covered by a 12 month replacement warranty

SPARKLING RECHARGE cylinders only require 10 years periodic hydro testing not 5 year like other silimare cylinders.

Aquastream manages all aspects of testing and regulatory replacement when using our RECHARGE program.

Benefits of Aquastream RECHARGE System

  • Refillable 2.6kg CO2 cylinder
  • FREE empty cylinder return
  • Twin gauge commercial regulator for full sparkling adjustment
  • Quality assured 10 year cylinder life
Brand Aquastream
Shipping Weight 12.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.700m
Shipping Height 0.300m
Shipping Length 0.300m
Shipping Cubic 0.063000000m3

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