At last... the genuine Zip Carbon Free filter range is available to Australian hospitals


Following the Queensland Health directive in Feburary 2016 to remove all carbon water filters from healthcare drinking water equipment, healthcare facility maintenance teams had no option but to use retrofit generic water filter cartridges for Zip brand water appliances.

With the recent release of the Zip 93706 0.2 Micron Carbon Free water filter available for the Zip Hydrotap range of boiling and chilled systems, facility managers can now revert to a trusted supply of water filters.


Filter Head Change

While this is a significant step forward for us, please take note that the new 93706 water filter requires a new filter head as the connection bayonet is different to the Pre-2017 Hydrotap models.

The new Zip 94357 Filter Head will need to be purchased and installed to use this new format cartridge.


Need help with upgrading your system?

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With a national network of approved Zip technicians, we will have your new system up and running in a Zip!