X-Flow Medical Shower and Tap Filters offer an easy-to-install guaranteed and validated solution for hospitals and nursing care homes with positive Legionella or Pseudomonas and other bacteria counts by removing them from the water at point-of-use.

Offering an economical, immediate and risk-free solution for waterborne bacteria, the X-Flow Medical Filters range can be used as an emergency first-response solution to positive test results, which guarantees safe water for up to 70 days.


Now stocked in Australia, public and private hospitals now have direct access to an affordable solution for Legionella and bacteria related issues.



  • 0.2 absolute micron rating - validated results of:
    • log 7 reduction of bacteria
    • log 4 reduction of fungi
  • No air-locking of shower range - can be used at low height
  • Validated service life of 70 days:
    • lower labour and filter replacement costs
    • double the service life of other devices
  • Antimicrobial outlet surface - reduced bacteria growth on the filter surface



  • Special key - prevents common issue of unwanted filter removal
  • Low waste - only the filter is replaced, handle can be reused
  • Ergnomic design - tap movement capability
  • High contaminant holding - billions of pores in each hollow fibre strand
  • Sampling - filter can be removed and reattached during sampling



  • CE Medical Class I (s) marked - high standard of product quality
  • Indepenently tested validation guide - eliminates product bias
  • Full traceability - includes barcode tracking and tracing labels