Make sure to replace the filter in your InSinkErator steaming water system every 6-12 months to maintain your pure water quality and protect your Insinkerator boiler from scale buildup. By changing the cartridge annually, you minimise the risk of bacteria accumulation, ensuring that your water remains consistently pure and safe. The filter in your InSinkErator system is designed to be quick and easy for you to replace, and here we’ve put together a simple DIY guide for you to follow when changing your filter.  

New filters can dispense tiny bubbles in the water for a day after the changeover. These are completely normal, and the bubbles will disappear within a minute. 

What will I need?


  • Cloth or Towel
  • Permanent Marker



  • Slide your cloth/towel under the old filter to catch any drips, then turn your Insinkerator filter a quarter-turn to the left and then pull down to remove it. 

  • Take your new filter and remove the sanitary cap then use your permanent marker to write the date on the filter so you know when it was changed.

  • Insert the filter by pushing up and then turn the filter a quarter-turn to the right 

  • Dispense water from your Insinkerator tap on the bench for 4 minutes before use. You may notice harmless carbon particles flushing from the filter when you complete the flush.

  • Wipe up any spills of water in your cupboard using your cloth/towel, and dispose of the used filter in your general waste. 

Congratulations on completing the filter change! Here's to better health and a more sustainable future! Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your drinking water is safe and pure.