Step 1: 

First turn the CO2 cylinder regulator off. Do this by twisting the knob anti-clockwise until it screws up and away from the bottle.

Step 2: 

Use a spanner to remove the braided hose from the regulator. Do this by twisting the fitting anti-clockwise.
Take care not to lose the plastic seal.

Step 3: 

Unpackage the new 2.6kg CO2 cylinder and regulator.

Step 4:

Connect the new regulator to the 2.6kg cylinder and use a spanner to tighten firmly

Step 5: 

Connect the braided hose to the hose connection on the regulator.
Ensure the white plastic seal is inserted into the hose nut.

Step 6:

Turn the CO2 cylinder regulator on by twisting the knob slowly anti-clockwise.
The blue cylinder pressure gauge should indicate cylinder pressure.

Step 7:

Set the CO2 pressure (upper gauge) to the red indicator line using the large black knob. Twist clockwise to increase pressure.

Note: this may need to be adjusted to suit your machine.

Step 8:

Check for gas leaks; take a soapy sponge and allow some soap suds to fall on the regulator fitting and hose. Watch carefully for any movement or increasing bubbles that would indicate a leak. Rectify if required.


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