This instructional video will work for the Zip Hydrotap G4 Filter. If you have a Zip Hydrotap G5 filter, please see the relevant How-To page on how to change that filter instead.

Please note that your Zip Hydrotap will let you know when your filter needs replacing by displaying a flashing light on the tap and with the words “Change Filter” flashing on the screen.

What will I need?


  • Permanent Marker
  • Cloth or Towel
  • Bucket



  • Select “Menu” on the touch screen, and then select “Install” and then “Filter Flush”. This isolates the water supply.
  • Open the access door, locate the flush line, and place it into your bucket
  • Turn the stopcock on to relieve the pressure in the system, and then turn it off again.
  • Place your cloth or towel under the filter cartridge to prevent any spillage.
  • Press the red lever to the right of the filter cartridge and turn the cartridge a quarter turn to the left
  • Pull the cartridge down to remove it while keeping it level to prevent any spills. If any spillage does occur, use your cloth or towel to mop up any water.
  • Grab your new Zip Hydrotap G4 Filter cartridge, use your permanent marker to write the date on the label and then remove the sanitary cap from the cartridge 
  • Gently push the filter cartridge up and then turn a quarter turn to the right
  • Ensure that the filter line is over your bucket, open the stopcock, and then press “Start” on the touchscreen. 
  • Flush at least 10 litres of water through the system and then press “Stop”.
  • Turn the stopcock to stop, and the filter flush is now finished. 
  • To reset the filter counter, press the back arrow on the touchscreen and then select “Filter Reset” and then “Reset Internal Filter” before finally pressing “Home” to complete the process.