Well, we've been doing a bit of research on why so many lucky people have an instant boiling water tap and why so many unlucky others don't.

What we found was that a vast majority of people who have had instant boiling water at their previous job WISH their boss would invest in a new system while even more said they would NEVER be without it!

So, why do they LOVE instant boiling water?   Here's a few reasons we found.


You may already know all the claims that they Save Energy Costs and they Save Staff Time and all the other things but maybe you never knew what this could mean for YOU.


Increased Staff Productivity

Have you ever gone to the breakout to make a much-needed caffeine boost to see you through the morning (No you didnt stay up all night, this project is just BORING), and you get there and the kettle or jug is stone cold and empty. So you fill the kettle and put it on to boil, read the daily news thats lying on the table, get engrossed in an article by your favorite jouralist only to find.......hey, the kettle finished boiling 5 minutes ago.

Is this familiar....did this ever happen to you?

Now, imagine you can walk into the breakout area, grab a cup and make a hotdrink right away. Wow, no filling the kettle, no getting side-tracked by the news, no waiting, no, no, no ............ what else? Yes, its a fact, just by installing a simple instant boiling water tap, you can increase your staff productivity every day.

Here's another fact:  It takes around five minutes to boil the kettle and make a hot drink. On average, office staff drink 3-4 cups of tea or coffee each day. Now, calculators out boys & girls, that's on average 20 minutes per day and nearly 2 hours per week in extra staff time. How does that sound? Do we really need to hire that new sales assistant right now?


Conserve Power

Hey, that sounds odd, install a new instant boiling water tap and SAVE POWER? are my wires crossed?

No, this is the truth, instant boiling water systems are really energy efficient. Did you know that heating 1 cup of water only costs on average 2c (AUD) rather than 80c to boil half a jug of water?

We have worked with the designers of boiling water system and realised the science behind heating water and insulation. Great care is taken in design and manufacture to ensure just the right amount of insulation is used to conserve power. Too much insulation drags the heat out of the tank, too little insulation allows heat to escape that tank. 


Love Work

Ok, any business owners or manager here today?  Did you ever wake up in the morning and think "What can I do to get these staff of mine to work harder, work smarter, do more with less and give it their BEST EFFORT?"

And did you ever come up a new solution? Maybe not?

Did you ever notice that the best players on your team; the ones who start early, are enthusiastic, the ones who never give up, the ones who make you smile they are so creative; that they are the ones who LOVE BEING AT WORK?

These are the people who will take your show to that next peak, that distant goal. We all know we can never make it alone, we need a great TEAM.

What if you could achieve more with less staff? Do you really need that extra Sales Assistant that the team is 'desperately' pleading for? What is everyone had extra drive and passion to move the goal forward?

Did you know that the greatest leverage you have on staff motivation is by showing that YOU CARE? Now that's easier said then done in this competitive business climate we have today. The whirlwind of business destractions, getting that late order out the door, that supplier that always lets you down on an urgent delivery, doesn't make it easy to show you really CARE about each of your staff.

Speaking to an interior office genius the other day, it came up in our discussions that the best way an employer can show they care and also has a HUGE effect on staff morale is by simple upgrades to your office. Paint a wall in your corporate colour, do interior plants cost that much? 

One of the best ways to boost staff morale and enthusiasm is to upgrade your breakout or staffroom area. This has a benefit to all your staff. Why not upgrade to an Instant Boiling Water System, invest in some comfortable lounges, do you have an outdoor area that you could cover over?


Some Choices

You may need some expert help with getting the right Instant Boiling Water system for you office. As a start, you may want to check out a few options:

Instant Boiling & Chilled Filtered Water  -  Underbench with Tap on the Sink

Instant Wallmounted Boiling Water  -  Wall Mounted System with tap on the front

If you need some free advice, don't hesitate to drop us a line to sales@aquastream.com.au or Freecall 1800 446 500


Thanks for reading.................... GK