Instant boiling water dispensers offer many benefits  for your staff kitchen, tea areas and customer lounge. With many organisations moving over to instant boiling water systems, this is not just an Australian trend, there are real advantages - Faster tea and coffee, more eco-friendly use of power and better use of staff time.

With so many options to choose from, this review will give you an insight into the value they can add to your organisation.


Fast & Efficient

Instant boiling water systems give your staff unlimited access to clean, filtered boiling water - Instantly

With a range of sizes for all organisations, from the small office kitchenette to larger staffrooms supporting hundreds of staff, Uniflow wallmount boilers range in capacity from 3 litres up to 25 litres. The 3 litre unit for instance offers an instant draw-off of 20 Cups with an ongoing supply of 100 cups per hour.

Uniflow Wallmount Boilers offer excellent efficiency thanks to their advanced insulation and boiling cycle management. The Super-Silent standby operation ensures eco-friendly operation.


Wall Mounted or Underbench

Wall mounted boilers are most popular as they save valuable bench space in your kitchen. Our Uniflow Benchtop Boiler offers benefits such as a large drip tray and sturdy powdercoated mounting frame.


Safety First

Instant Boiling Water systems offer safety benefits to the user in a number of ways. Hot water is dispensed simply through the lever tap eliminating the need to handle an electrical appliance in close proximitity to water. Instant boilers are designed to be safe and effective while providing an endless supply of hot water.


Great Tasting Water

Take control of the taste of your drinks. Water filtration can be easily incorporated into your water boiler which will not only remove limescale issues but produce a great cup of tea.


Rental Plans

Many clients prefer to take out a cost effective rental plan on their new boiling water system. Our All-Inclusive rental options are an excellent way to conserve capital and have the best amenaties for your staff.


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