Why is water so important to a healthy, happy life?

Have you ever been told by your fitness coach, health adviser, doctor or friend that water is essential to keeping your body in top shape physically and academically? 

I'm sure at some stage all of us have felt the guilt of choosing a coffee or a  Coke over a simple glass of water - knowing that the 'I feel much better' feeling from the caffine shot only lasts about 45 minutes! 

Well, if this sounds familiar, read on, you may be able to take one point away from these Three Fun Ways to Enjoy More Water:


1.  Invest in an insulated sports bottle

This tip sounds simple but it really does help to keep hydrated while in the office or out and about with the family. Just having that bottle on your desk will encourage you to keep drinking.

Everyone knows that warm water is not our choice of a refreshing drink. These insulated bottles will keep your water cold for hours even in a hot car. 

We love the Eco Tanka Stainless Steel Drink Bottles which are available throughout Australia and New Zealand. 


2.  Install a quality water filter system

Love the taste of your mains drinking water? We agree, our local councils do a great job ensuring our water is safe to drink and it really isn't their fault that water has to travel to our homes and workplaces through pipes that could be decades old.

Quality undersink water filters are a simple and cost-effective way of improving the taste of town water and removing sediments, chemicals, chlorine taste and ensures you can enjoy a nice glass of water. 

We recommend Uniflow Water Filters. Made in the USA, these filters meet stringent NSF certification and come in a few different configurations to suit your needs.

Uniflow Water Filters are installed by licenced plumbers right across Australia. If you need help, dont hesitate to leave a message.


3.  Try the jug trick

Yes - This one is simple but really works!

We borrowed this idea from a seminar we attended with Melony dos Remidios - Anytime Fitness who gave us some wonderful inspirations into how essential water is for keeping our bodies in top form.

Melony was sharing with us the 6S's for Success - Health & Fitness for Non Athletes. One topic covered was SITTING and how it adversely affects our performance.


Some points we would love to share:

  • Take a 2 minute walk every 30-45 minutes - By simply moving around for a few minutes, our muscles start working, increasing the bodies ability to absorb fluids and improve hydration.
  • Fill a jug of water and Keep on Drinking -  Take this for granted, it does work... by setting yourself to drink more and more water you will be forced to leave your desk urgently - and at regular intervals.
  • How much water should I drink? - The average adult should drink between 2-3 litres of water per day to ensure optimum hydration

So, first thing tomorrow after starting up your computer in the morning, try filling a 2L jug with water, place it on your desk at a convenient position and make up your mind you are going to finish it by lunchtime.

Take courage, the restrooms are near at hand surprise


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