The newly released  series of GALAXY Ultraviolet (UV) Water Disinfection Systems has just lifted off the launch pad after 2 years of rigorous testing across Australia.

Representing Aquastream's premium UV water purification range of products, the GALAXY UV series offers advanced chemical-free disinfection combined with user-friendly controls you can expect of todays technology advances.

Packed with advanced features including lamp live monitoring, system diagnostics and potential fault codes, the colour user interface provides you with all the information you need to take control of your water safety.



The feature-laden GALAXY Pro Series represents our premium UV systems, delivering outstanding disinfection results as well as expandability for future upgrades or options.

The colour user interface allows for easy visual system checking of lamp life and any error codes as well as providing all the service information and even incorporates QR codes for access to service information.

Ideal for commercial and residential applications, the GALAXY Pro Series can be easily upgraded to become a fully monitored system with UV% sensors, safety solenoids and advanced Building Management Systems (BMS) integration such as ethernet and 4-20mA output modules.


Premium features include:

  • Axial flow 304 stainless steel reactor chamber for optimum fluid dynamics
  • Low-pressure coated UV lamps for consistent UV output throughout lamp life
  • Galaxy 5.1 Series splash-proof controller with colour user interface with diagnostics and warnings
  • Infinite-Expandability-Port for future upgrades and options
  • Sensor port for future upgradeability


Examples of the GALAXY Pro screens are shown below:




This range represents the mainstay of our residential product offering, designed with simplicity and ease of operation in mind.

The new GALAXY4.1 Series controller powers these popular residential UV systems and now includes visual lamp life monitoring with both audible and visual fault alarms. These state-of-the-art UV systems offer true value for money for both mains water and rainwater applications.

Designed for low maintenance, the low-pressure coated UV lamps offer 9000 hours of operation, only requiring replacement every 12 months.


Standard features include:

  • Polished grade 304 stainless steel reactor chamber
  • Axial-flow design for optimum disinfection
  • Splash-proof electronic controller
  • Integral lamp countdown and total running time display
  • Audible and visual fault alarms


Typical Installation Setup

Installing your new UV system correctly is essential to ensure positive disinfection of your water supply. UV systems often form part of a larger water filtration and treatment system, providing chemical-free sterilisation of the water supply.

Ultraviolet technology relies on powerful rays of light to deactivate microorganisms. It is best practice to install suitable water filtration prior to the UV system to ensure adequate disinfection.

The image below shows a typical treatment system incorporating sediment filtration, water softening and ultraviolet disinfection:

For assistance with designing your system, don't hesitate to give us a call on 1800 446 500 - Our friendly team of water experts is ready to help.