With many people around the world now working from home, workplace water dispensers will be being used less frequently. If left unused for long periods of time, the microbial quality of the water inside these appliances will deteriorate, which could cause issues that require intervention.

We recommend that water dispensers that are not going to be used for more than two weeks should be disconnected by a qualified engineer and ideally placed in storage.


How to decommission your water dispenser

The following procedure can be used for all water dispensers that are to be dosconnected and removed from regular use.


Images shown below are for the popular Uniflow Connect and Waterworks D5 Series watercoolers however the discription is general and can be used for other models.

Note:  If your water dispensers are supplied on a rental contract, simply contact your rental agent and ask them to perform the tasks below. Find out if they charge for this service and get approval before booking this in.


Turn off Water and Power

  • Locate the isolation valve and turn off the water supply
  • Switch off the power and disconnect the power from the wall socket

Drain the Water System

  • Caution: Hot Water Dispensers shoud be allowed to cool for 1 hour before draining the tank
  • Dispense water from the front dispenser taps and discard
  • Lock the dispenser taps into the OPEN position to ensure all the water is drained
  • Empty the drip tray and replace.


Clean External Surfaces

  •  Use a kitchen grade spray & wipe disinfectant to clean all surfaces of the watercooler
  • Allow surfaces to dry


Cover the Water Dispenser

  • Cover the unit with a new plastic bag - ensure the dispenser area and drip tray are covered
  • Use tape to secure the plastic bag around the dispenser


Out of Service Sign

  • Type up a note:   OUT OF SERVICE
  • Print on A4 paper and tape to the front of the water dispenser