Firstly, Why Filter?

Here at Aquastream, we realised that a large proportion of Australian families are spending hard earned income on bottled water from supermarkets in quest of a healthy lifestyle and caring for ourselves, families and staff.

Pure, fresh drinking water is so important to good health, no wonder we are happy to spend a substantial amount of our grocery budget on a reliable source of pure drinking water, free from chemicals and impurities.

"Our mission at Aquastream is to ensure every family living in Australia has access to a world class, safety certified water filter system at an affordable price"


Put simply, we are here to make your life healthier, with more money to spend on the people you love.

Why choose Aquastream Water Filters?

With a goal to deliver an exceptional range of quality water filter systems at an affordable price for every family in Australia, Aquastream has rigorously cut out unnecessary expenses while delivering a full range of water filters and beautiful tapware to compliment any kitchen. 

We work with world leading water filter and tapware manufacturers, making sure you are not paying extra margins to the 'middle-man' common in the wholesale and retail business model.

What's more, by eliminating flashy 'reseller' packaging, we ensure these savings are channelled directly back into our mission - A cost effective, high quality water filter that almost anyone can afford.


Remember: It's what's on the inside that counts, and its important to know what you paying for, because just being more expensive doesn't prove anything, and 5 year warranty tells a story.



Beautiful Tapware for every kitchen

We understand that it's often the finishing touches that make your house a home. Beautiful tapware compliments any kitchen or entertaining area, adding functionality and value to your food preparation area.


Our ever expanding range of quality tapware is optioned in a select range of water filter system options to make the choice simple and logical.

Separate Filter Tap or Integrated Mixer Tap? Find out about our range of inspired tapware available with your Aquastream Quick-Change Water Filter System in the resource centre.



Robust Multifunction Connection Valve

Aquastream's unique multifunction connection kit makes installation simple and compact with built in pressure surge protection for your water filter system.

New for 2019, this valve guarantees easy installation for the installer thanks to the swivel-nut design and multi-point connection for installation into copper or flexible hose lines.

Watermark certified for use in Australia, this valve assembly features full brass construction prior to the pressure limiting valve, ensuring that every piece of flexible tubing is protected from pressure spikes.