Water quality in this area of the hospital is of utmost importance. Water is used to clean instruments and critical components of systems used during operations and procedures on patients.

Water supplied to washer disinfectors should be softened to prevent mineral scale. Water used in the production of clean steam for the autoclaves must be of very high purity.

  • Bacteria removal avoids contamination of instruments and autoclaves
  • Softened water prevents scaling of equipment and instruments
  • Clean autoclaves reduce maintenance


The standard associated with this area are AS/NZS4187 (2014), EN285 and EN15883 which outline the minimum water quality limits for this equipment.


Reverse Osmosis Systems produce high quality water for use in thermal Washer Disinfectors and autoclaves. Working with hospital design and engineering teams, Aquastream assists with product specification, supply, commissioning and ongoing service of CSSD pure water systems.

Water quality for Washer Disinfectors is referenced in Table 7.2 (AS/NZS 4187:2014) which outlines the water conductivity to be less than 30µs/cm.

Steam sterilisers require higher quality water which is covered in EN 285 which outlines the water conductivity to be less than 5µs/cm.


The Multi-Pure CSSD Water Systems by Aquastream offer a compact, pre-assembled and tested solution for smaller surgeries and day hospitals requiring a sterile water supply for Washer Disinfectors.


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