Rainwater continues to be the most available and untapped resource available to Australian facilities looking for ways to minimise water costs across the site.

With vast roof area’s available, healthcare, education and commercial facilities can quickly take control of these rainwater harvesting areas, directing water to onsite storage tanks.

Typically, a rainwater treatment system will comprise of three phases:

  1. First Stage Filtration is used to removing all the fine sediments and debris that may be in your rainwater. Backwashing Screen Filters are often used as they are easy to clean without stopping the supply of water to the home.
  2. Second Stage Filtration is used to remove the finer sediment from the water. Cartridge Filtration or Bag Filtration is normally used for this application and mostly rated to 5 Microns.
  3. Ultraviolet Disinfection is a popular method of disinfecting rainwater. Due to potential sickness caused from bacteria such as cryptosporidium and giardia, it is advisable to install some sort of disinfection prior to entering your home or office.

Providing pre-assembled Uniflow WRX-Series treatment systems as well as customised DIY systems, benefit from our knowledge and experience in rainwater treatment systems.