MP-Series Compact Water Systems

Compact CSSD water solutions for Day Hospitals and small surgeries

Water quality for CSSD departments in hospitals and day surgeries is of utmost importance. Water is used to clean instruments and critical components of systems used during operations and procedures on patients.

Aquastream delivers compact water filtration and treatment systems to provide water in accordance with AS/NZS 4187:2014 (Washer Disinfector Rinse Cycles) and incorporating integrated pure water storage and pressurised water supply to a ring-main or direct connection to equipment.


The MP Series CSSD water purification systems are ideal for smaller day hospitals and theatres, providing pure water for Washer Disinfectors and can also be connected to endoscopy AER's.


Some advance features include:

  • Compact low-maintenance design
  • Suits small surgeries and day hospitals
  • Simplistic water quality controls
  • Pre-assembled and tested
  • Automatic operation


The MP Series is available with storage capacities of 45, 100 and 500 Litres with a pure water production capacity of 85 Litres/Hour.

Water is delivered to the ring-main or direct to equipment via a constant pressure, variable speed pump which ensures optimum pressure across the system.


To find out more about the MP-Series system by Aquastream, contact our friendly team on 1800 446 500 to discuss your application.


Uniflow MP-Series 24LPH CSSD Water Purification Sy

Uniflow MP-Series 45 Litre CSSD Water Purification Systems are suited to day hospitals and surgeries requiring sterile water for washer disinfector equipment and compliance with AS4187:2014


If you would like to speak personally with our team, please call 1800 446 500 for prompt and professional advice.

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