Providing healthcare staff and patients with fresh, safe drinking water is essential to good health and fulfilling the health organisations responsibility.

Instant boiling and chilled water dispensers are becoming increasingly popular throughout Australian healthcare facilities, giving staff and patients access to boiling and chilled water on tap. With a complete range of drinking water systems including underbench boiling water, wall-mounted boilers, drinking fountains and chilled water systems, hospitals benefit from our expert knowledge of drinking water for healthcare.

Many healthcare sites are required to provide advanced filtration to remove waterborne bacteria such as legionella. Aquastream provides tried and trusted filtration devices and cartridges to ensure the benefits of chlorine are retained throughout the appliance while protecting from sediment and scale.

Aquastream is trusted as service agents for many leading equipment brands including Zip, Billi, Birko and Supakwik, giving hospital maintenance staff access to our free technical support hotline as well as direct-to-hospital pricing on spare parts and filter cartridges.