Aquastream 10" x 2.5" Carbon Block Filter - 5 Micron

SKU: FCB-1025-5
Aquastream 10" x 2.5" Carbon Block Cartridges with 5 micron rating are trusted for guaranteed quality and performance. Used for reduction of sediment, chlorine, chemicals, taste & odour.

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding Chlorine Reduction
  • Excellent dirt holding capacity
  • Suits standard 9-3/4" and 10" Housings
  • 5 micron rating
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Aquastream 10" x 2.5" Carbon Block 5 micron cartridges offer outstanding reduction of sediment, chlorine, chemicals, taste and odour.

Carbon block filter cartridges are manufactured from an extruded activated carbon core for excellent filtration capacity with no channeling or bypassing. These filters flow in a radial outside-to-inside direction, providing increased dirt holding capacity and low pressure drop. A pre-filtration layer reduces sediment and extends the filter life.

Fine micron ratings can be achieved using carbon block technology and cyst reduction models are available in all standard sizes. A silver impregnated carbon block filter offers antibacterial properties for non-chlorinated water supplies.

Increased service life of carbon filters can be achieved by installation of a cost-effective sediment reduction pre-filter which prevents the carbon cartridge from blocking prematurely.

Carbon block cartridges should be replaced when the life is exhausted or at least every 12 months from installation for best filtration and water treatment practice. 

Aquastream FCB Series carbon block water filters are 10" x 2.5" size (248mm x 63mm) and nominal filtration performance of 5 micron

Compatible with:

American Plumber WCC, 155155-51, W5CIP, 155002-51
Ametek CC-10, 155155, 155155-43, D20
Aqua-Pure™/3M Purification AP-117RO, 55778-01
AXEON Membranes 200658
Cornelius COR10B1, COR10B5
Coster Engineering 625-001-574
Costguard by Everpure EV9108-15, CG5-10, EV810100
Davey Microlene ACB10
Dura 1909966, 1906054
EcoLab® 9320-1002
Ecowater 7190288, 7070323, 7156886
Everpure EV9108-15, CG5-10, EV910815, EV810100
Flexeon 200658
Flow Pur WCBCS975RV
GE Water FX12P
Harmsco® HAC-10-W
High Performance Filtration (HPF) CTO2510-05, GT4-7CTO
Hobart 01-234301-97200
Honeywell RF-65, RF-61
Hydronix CB-25-1005
Hydro-Logic Purification Systems 22110
Ice House America® IHA - H00115
Ideal H2O™ 738330
Intelifil IF-CB-010
KX Industries 32-250-125-975
Life in Every Drop 5mic, 2564
Marlo S1035, A2112022
Neo-Pure CTO1-2510
Nimbus 100180, 100503, 101856, 100028, 101016
NorthStar 7156886, 7190296, 7209037, 7070323
Nu-Calgon 4711-87
Omnipure OMB934-5,  OMB934 5M
Pentek CEP-10E, 155714-43
PURE CTO 2510-05
PureMark PFS10B1, PFS10B5
PurePro 04010-05
Pure-Tel FLTR-3900, R1110-CB, FLTR-2112
Purwater CTOB10N
RainSoft 18773, 9757, 12464, 13119, 17368, 18557
RS PRO 275-5949, 2755949
Selecto 101-200
Shurflo 15-056-10
Stefani 102
Sterilight SC-06
TGI Pure, TopWay Global IF-CB-010
Vertex CF-4000
Water Factory Systems/3M Purification 47-211114
Watts WCBCS-975, MAXETW-975, 5M-CTG, 101009, 100036, 5MCB, MAXS-975, MAXT-975
Watts Premier 5M-CTG, 101009, GAC-10-56, 100036, 5MCB

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding Chlorine Reduction
  • Excellent dirt holding capacity
  • Suits standard 9-3/4" and 10" Housings
  • 5 micron rating
SKU FCB-1025-5
Model # FCB-1025-5
Barcode # 9352837000571
Brand Aquastream

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