Aquastream NANO Twin Mains Water Filter Kit

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Aquastream NANO Mains Water Filter Kit includes a 1 Micron Fibredyne Carbon filter and a Sub-Micron NANO Series filter. Designed specifically for advanced filter life with chlorine, bacteria, virus and heavy metals removal.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Filter Life Technology - Both Stages
  • 99.9% Reduction of Viruses, Bacteria and Cysts
  • Exceptional Heavy Metals Reduction
  • Chlorine Reduction up to 37,800 Litres
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Aquastream NANO Twin Mains Water replacement filter kit ensures 99.9% protection from harmful viruses, bacteria, cysts and has an exceptional capacity to reduce heavy metals.

Ideal for mains water supplies, this advanced water filter kit gives you reliable protection from harmful microorganisms, chlorine and heavy metals while offering advanced filter life compared with 0.2 Micron Ceramic water filter cartridges.


The 1 micron Fibredyne Silver Carbon filter cartridge in the first stage catches the dirt and sediment particles in the water while offering high capacity chlorine taste and odour reduction.  This cartridge offers extremely low pressure drops and high flow rates, comparable to 10 micron water filters (very open) with the benefit of fine filtration down to 1 micron.  This is achieved with the unique Fibredyne open pore filter structure which minimises the use of binders found in common carbon cartridges while still containing plenty of powdered coconut-shell carbon which boasts chlorine reduction for up to 37,800 litres. 


The advanced NANO Sub-Micron Electroadsorptive media technology in the second stage filter provides 99.9% reduction of viruses, bacteria and cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, as well as reduction of heavy metals.  By using electroadsorptive technology and a pleated design with an outer wrap, your filter life will be second to none.  The pore size is able to be larger (2-3 microns), while still filtering down to 0.2 microns due to a powerful charge field throughout the depth of the media. 

View more about the advanced benefits of the NANO Series Water Filters


Both cartridges use real silver, well known for its bacteriostatic properties to inhibit the browth of bacteria within the filter media.  This cartridge kit is also suitable for rain water for applications where extra taste and odour reduction is needed.  Use the Aquastream NANO Twin Rainwater Filter Kit for the standard NANO Series rain water filters.

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Aquastream NANO Mains Water Filter Kit Guaranteed protection from 99.9% viruses, bacteria and cysts as well as heavy metal reduction

Exceptional Filter Life from the Fibredyne & NANO Electroadsorptive media technology

First Stage - Advanced Fibredyne Silver Carbon filter reducing sediment, dirt and rust particles and chlorine, taste and odour. Assembled in USA.



Second Stage - Advanced Aquastream NANO filter to reduce 99.9% bacteria, virus & cysts as well as heavy metals reduction. Made in USA.

Sub Micron



Replacement filter for the traditional twin filter housing systems in Australia. Suits brands including: Clearwater CTU, Biopure,Culligan P150, Xstream, Aquafresh, Aquaport, Aqua Pure, Aqua wise, Aqua Life, Filter Wizard, Filters Only, Gemini, Freshly Squeezed Water (Benchtop Premium Plus cartridge), Hi-Flow Traveller, Healthy Water, Pure flo, Pure Rain, Purestream, Puretec TS200, Puretec TS100, Purtec ES2, Doulton Ceramic Cartridge Systems, Dura 1906052 Twin Water Filter System, Aquastream UltraPleat-HD.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Filter Life Technology - Both Stages
  • 99.9% Reduction of Viruses, Bacteria and Cysts
  • Exceptional Heavy Metals Reduction
  • Chlorine Reduction up to 37,800 Litres
Brand Aquastream
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