This instructional video explains how to change the filter in a  Zip Hydrotap G5 Drinking Water System. If you have a Zip Hydrotap G4 system, please see the relevant How-To page on how to change that filter instead. 

Please note that your Zip Hydrotap will let you know when your filter needs replacing by displaying a flashing light on the tap and with a warning on the screen.

What will I need?


  • Permanent Marker
  • Cloth or Towel
  • Bucket



  • Select “Menu” on the touch screen, and then select “System Settings” then “Filter Settings”. This isolates the water supply.
  • Open the access door, locate the flush hose, and place it into your bucket
  • Turn the stopcock on to relieve the pressure in the system, and then turn it off again.
  • Place your cloth or towel under the filter cartridge to prevent any spillage.
  • Grab and rotate the filter clockwise, you will feel it stop and then drop.
  • Remove the cartridge while keeping it level to prevent any spills. If any spillage does occur, use your cloth or towel to mop up any water.
  • Grab your new Filter cartridge, remove the wrapper and use your permanent marker to write the date on the label, then remove the sanitary cap from the cartridge 
  • Push the filter cartridge firmly up into the filter head and rotate it until it moves up into the head. Then turn it anti-clockwise until it locks into place.
  • Ensure that the filter line is over your bucket, open the stopcock, and then press “Filter Flush” on the touchscreen. Then press the play button. Please Note: this process is timed to take 2 minutes.
  • Turn the stopcock to stop, and the filter flush is now finished. 
  • To reset the filter counter, press the back arrow on the touchscreen and then select “Reset Filter” and then “Internal Filter” before finally pressing the back arrow to get back to the home screen and complete the process.