It is true that Australia provides some of the best quality water to it's cities and towns, a big thank you to our government and local councils, but is there something we are overlooking from a health aspect?

Many of us may not know exactly where our mains water is coming from, or how and where it is treated on it's way to our homes. Over the past 20 years, our team here at Aquastream have put in countless hours of research to find where our water is coming from and how it is treated in order to meet the stringent Australian Water Guidelines.


Guess what we discovered....

Now it's hard to believe that the water coming from our taps is anything but H2O but no matter how clear it looks, our water has been treated with a number of chemicals can contain up to 12 toxins which are harmful to our health [1]

With so many case studies and viewpoints on the subject of drinking water, we set out in this article to work on the issues and solutions to chlorine.



Chlorine is one of the most widely used disinfectants used in our mains water supplies and for a good many reasons. Chlorine is a powerful reactive chemical that's easily added to water, making it the chemical of choice in many municipal water treatment schemes.

Now giving that water travels many kilometres through a network of pipework that could be decades old, here at Aquastream, we believe that the correct levels in this network is a good thing and ensures that bacterial contaminants are kept under control.

It's what you do with the water when it reaches your home is the point and thanks to Activated Carbon water filters, we can confidently offer you a guaranteed solution to reduce chlorine in your home water supply to the lowest level.

An intersesting study conducted in Taiwan looks at the connection between the risk of birth defects in relation to water disinfection by-products.


Activated Carbon Water Filters

The best solution to reducing chlorine in your home water is an Activated Carbon Water Filter system which adsorbs 99% of chlorine from your tap water supply.

With so many options out there, we understand that making the right choice can be confusing. Here at Aquastream, we work hard at making things simple and effective, giving you the knowledge you need to make the right choice.

Water filters come in so many configurations however there are a few choices you MUST get right and we are here to help ensure you DO get this right!


Whole House Filter System v's a simple Water Filter Tap

You may be asking, should I go for a simple Aquastream Water Filter Tap in the kitchen, or should we invest in a larger Aquastream Whole House Filter System to treat all the water in our house?

This is a good question, and important. Let's briefly talk about the benefits of these two systems:


Aquastream Water Filter Tap's
Filtered drinking water is the most important step to protecting your body from chlorine and chemicals.

We belive the simple Water Filter Tap is the most important water filter in your home as it provides fresh, chemical free drinking water for you and your family, the most important protection from chlorine.

If you are considering a whole house filter system, we still recommend that you invest in a quality undersink water filter tap to provide the best quality water for drinking.

Aquastream Quick-Change Water Filter Taps offer multistage filtration all inside a single, compact filtration device and are certified to reduce chlorine and chemicals, dirt and particulate, as well as harmful chlorine resistant cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

In brief, here are some of the main benefits:

  • Exceptional reduction of chlorine and other chemicals
  • Beautiful tasting water to encourage hydration
  • Extra-fine 0.5 micron filtration performance 
  • Independantly certified by NSF (peace of mind)
  • Aquastream best-value installation in some locations


Aquastream Whole House Water FiltersAquastream-whole-house-filter-systems
This solution gives you the benefit of reducing chlorine as it arrives at your home, ensuring every drop of water to every tap or shower is chemical free.

If you are considering investing in whole house filtration for your home, it is important to know that the main benefits of a whole house water is to reduce chlorine and chemicals as well as course sediment in the water supply and that they don't provide the same quality of drinking water.

Some benefits of Whole House systems include:

  • High capacity chlorine and chemical reduction
  • Improves taste and odour
  • Standard 5 micron filtration performance


So, in summary...

Protecting yourself and your family from toxic contaminants in our town drinking water supply is very important to your health and should be considered a prority.

  • The best treatment available today is powerful activated carbon water filter treatment which is certified and independantly tested to reduce not only chlorine, but a wide range of chemicals and contaminants.
  • When considering an investment in a quality drinking water filter system, always install an undersink Aquastream Water Filter Tap which provides a high level of treatment and is will provide the best quality water for drinking.
  • Whole house water filters are excellent at reducing chlorine and course sediment and filter every drop of water to every tap in your home. Take note that the filtration performance of these systems is not as fine as a quality undersink water filter system.
  • When considering the options of an Aquastream Quick-Change Water Filter Tap under the sink or the Aquastream whole house filter system, we always recommend that you start with the undersink filter tap option first. This option is cost effective and achieves the most important health benefits - safe, fresh, chemical-free drinking water.
  • If you have the budget available for both the Aquastream Whole House Filter System as well as a Quick-Change Water Filter Tap, that's about as good as you get! Chlorine free water to every tap in your home as well as high quality drinking water from your sink tap.


Thankfully, help is near at hand! Here at Aquastream, we devote our lives to giving every family living in Australia access to a world class, safety certified water filter system at an affordable price.


Investment in a quality water filter system is affordable and something you will never regret.  Contact us today on 1800 446 500 to speak to one of our friendly water professionals.