This is the question we get asked every day of the week from maintenance coordinators and water equipment owners......... so here is some info that might help.


What's inside an Activated Carbon water filter?

Most drinking water filters found in drinking water equipment today contain Activated Carbon. The primary function of Activated Carbon (or sometimes referred to as charcoal) in water filter systems is to adsorb chemicals such as chlorine and improve taste and odours in the water making it more attractive to drink.

Does Activated Carbon have a life span?

From the above diagram, you will notice that contaminants such as chlorine, taste and odour are adsorbed by chemically binding the impurities in the carbon. In short, that means that depending on the amount of water you flow through your filter and the level of contaminants, the cracks and pores in the filter are slowly being filled up.

It is important to choose the right filter cartridge for your application. Most reputable manufacturers will stipulate the volume of water the cartridge can treat effectively before it requires replacement. While this is a guide, you will also notice that they will include a phrase like "Replace every 12 Months" or something similar.


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Scale Reduction Filters are commonly found on Boiling & Chilled water equipment such as the Zip Hydrotap, and Billi Quadra drinking water appliances. These specialty filter cartridges, also known as Triple Action (Sediment, Taste & Odour, Scale) incorporate a unique slow-dissolving Polyphosphate which protects the internal tanks and pumps from scale buildup.

Over the period of 12 Months, these scale reduction beads dissolve in the water. This is another reason to replace your water filter cartridge regularly.

You can now purchase quality Zip Replacement Filter Cartridges online - look out for the Free Shipping options. The new Billi Fibredyne Replacement Filters are now a single cartridge system, saving users money year after year!

So to cap off..... relax, drink more water and replace your filter cartride every 6-12 months, this way you will ensure your water is safe!



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