Solutions for Hospitals


With a strong focus on Australian healthcare, hospitals benefit from our expertise and knowlege across many areas within the facilities.

Municipal water supplies, although treated to recognised guidelines, still contain many contaminiants that can cause unwanted issues to equipment as well as cause adverse health effects and diseases to immunocompromised patients.

Aquastream professionals work with managers from Property Services, Engineering, CSSD, Endoscopy, Infection Control and Plumbing, providing effective solutions to water quality challenges.


Incoming Mains Water Filtration

Hospitals store and use large volumes of water which is distributed through long and complicated pipework. 

With variable water qualies provided by municipal supplies, cleaning of the water before it enters the network has benefits for an entire hospital including:

  • Improved water quality for better disinfection
  • Minimised maintenance on pipework and equipment
  • Reduced bacteria growth and biofilm 


CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department)

Water quality in this area of the hospital is of utmost importance. Water is used to clean instruments and critical components of systems used during operations and procedures on patients.

Water supplied to the disinfectors should be softened to prevent mineral scale. Water used in the production of clean steam for the autoclaves must be of very high purity.

  • Bacteria removal avoids contamination of instruments and autoclaves
  • Softened water prevents scaling of equipment and instruments
  • Clean autoclaves reduce maintenance

Reverse Osmosis Systems produce high quality water for use in thermal washers and autoclaves. Working with hospital design and engineering teams, Aquastream assists with product specification, supply, commissioning and ongoing service of CSSD pure water systems.


Dental & Oral Health

Pure, bacteria-free water is essential for dental health centres due to patient contact for mouth rinsing. Sterilisers and autoclaves must be fed with pure water free from impurities to prevent scale build-up on high-value equipment. 

Water must also be bacteria-free to prevent cross contamination of instruments which is critical to the safety and health of patients.

  • Reduced steriliser and autoclave issues
  • Increased patient safety through removal of bacteria
  • Simplified maintenance process

Uniflow Low-Pressure Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems produce high quality pure water for supply to autoclaves, dental chairs and instrument rinsing areas. Providing assistence to designers of dental facilities, Aquastream technicians work tirelessly to ensure product suitability and ongoing support.


Infection Control and Legionella

With ever increasing health department spotlight on the control of bacterial disease such as Legionnaires and related infections, many organisations are faced with mounting costs for the control of these severe hazards.

Legionella are small gram-negative bacteria which can be found in water, in host oraganisms and adhering to the surface of pipes and other plumbing infrastructure.

Infection by Legionella occurs following inhalation or aspiration of aerosol droplets containing Legionella bacteria often generated by clinical devices and plumbing outlets such as showers and taps.


Find the new enHealth Guidelines here:

enHealth Guidelines for Legionella Control
Risk Management Plan for Legionella Control


Medical Shower and Tap Filters - Providing instant protection, to patients and staff accessing problematic areas experiencing elevated Heterotrophic plate counts - HPC and positive legionella results.

0.2 Micron Ice Machine Filtration Systems - Compact dual stage filtration systems providing pre-filtration and final guard 0.2 Micron filtration, ensuring absolute retention of bacteria such as legionella and pseudomonas.


Achieving Compliance with Queensland Health Directive CH011571

Aquastream assists public and private sector hospitals and health facilities achieve compliance with the recent Queensland Health Directive issued on 4th Feburary 2016.


Quick Links to further resources:

Legionella Control for Ice Machines and Chilled Water Systems


Kitchen Facilities

Scale-control in commercial hospital kitchens is an essential water quality requirement to ensure longevity of steam ovens and equipment as well as reduced maintenance requirements.

Water Softeners are used to remove calcium and magnesium from the water supply. These two elements are responsible for a large proportion of scaling in steam ovens and boiling water systems.

Scale Reduction Filter Cartridges contain polyphosphate crystals which dissolve in the supply water, providing a non-stick coating to the water pipes, elements and oven internals and prevents scale adhesion to the surfaces.

Aquastream provides a complete range of filtration equipment, housings and cartridges for all types and sizes of kitchen equipment.