With the recent focus on legionella control in ice machines and chilled water dispensers many healthcare facility managers in Queensland Australia are required to comply with the Health Directive requiring that carbon filters are removed from equipment as well as ongoing disinfection and testing of drinking water and ice making systems.

Hospital and healthcare organisations benefit from Aquatreams knowlege of water filtration and drinking water appliances to ensure compliance with the directive while following proven processes, trusted technologies and compliance with manufacturers recommendations.


Health Directive CH011571 - Queensland AU

Aquastream assists public and private sector hospitals and health facilities achieve compliance with the recent Queensland Health Directive issued on 4th Feburary 2016.


Some parts of this Directive we can assist with include:


Ice and chilled water provided to severely immun-compromised patients should be pre-boiled or microfiltered (0.2 micron pore size) 

  • Aquastream provides quality dual-stage filtration systems incorporating pre-filtration and final membrane filtration to 0.2-Micron absolute performance. Available in standard and custom configurations, we provide a range of systems to cater for flow and performance requirements.


Do not use carbon filters on the inlets or within ice machines/chilled water dispensers in healthcare facilities.

  • Aquastream provides a increasing range of non-carbon filtration cartridges for both standard filter systems as well as brand cartridges.
  • Carbon-Free filter cartridges are available for many appliances including Zip Hydrotap boiling & chilled combination systems and chillers.


Follow the manufacturers instructions for foutine mantenance of ice machines and chilled water dispensers.

Cleaning and disinfection all the internal pipes, tanks and hoses of ice and chilled water dispensers can present a challenge to healthcare facility managers seeking to apply this directive.


Zip Hydrotap Boiling and Chilled Water Systems

Zip Hydrotap boiling and chilled combination dispensers are located in nearly every health facility in Queenland. The complex nature of this equipment and the close proximity of boiling and freezing water to electrical equipment presents a significant hurdle for disinfection.

Aquastream has recently developed an approved method of disinfection in conjunction with Zip Industries, providing a step-by-step procedure that can be performed to ensure adequate disinfection of the cold water system.


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