With ever increasing health department spotlight on the control of bacterial disease such as Legionnaires and related infections, many organisations are faced with mounting costs for the control of these severe hazards.

Legionella are small gram-negative bacteria which can be found in water, in host oraganisms and adhering to the surface of pipes and other plumbing infrastructure.

Infection by Legionella occurs following inhalation or aspiration of aerosol droplets containing Legionella bacteria often generated by clinical devices and plumbing outlets such as showers and taps.


Medical Shower and Tap Filters - Providing instant protection, to patients and staff accessing problematic areas experiencing elevated Heterotrophic plate counts - HPC and positive legionella results.


0.2 Micron Ice Machine Filtration Systems - Compact dual stage filtration systems providing pre-filtration and final guard 0.2 Micron filtration, ensuring absolute retention of bacteria such as legionella and pseudomonas.


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