With thousands of PureMix Water Filter Systems out there in Australia and New Zealand, many users are wanting to know the difference between the original X6 and newer X7 version of this popular inline water filter.

2019 saw the discontinuation of the X7 and the appearance of the all new Puremix Z7 Inline Water Filter System which offers some further benefits over the Puremix X Series model.

Thanks to the compatible Quick-Change connection on both the X-Series (X6 and X7) systems and the newer Z-Series, users are now able to replace their water filter cartridge with the new Z7-R Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

Please Note: To adapt your X-Series filter head to fit the Z-Series cartridges as well, you'll need to make a minor adjustment. There are three small plastic tabs inside the X-Series filter head that will need to be snapped off to allow the Z-Series cartridge to be used.  A pair of needle-nose pliers usually work best to cleanly break off the tabs.  Your filter head will then suit all versions of the PureMix cartridges in the X and Z ranges. 


Compare the X6 and X7

The graphic below outlines the main features of the X6 and X7 water filters.

Look out for our comparison on the new Puremix Z6 and Z7 water filter systems coming soon.


Can I swap from the PureMix X6 to the X7 Filter?

Yes, the PureMix X6 and X7 series water filters utilise the same Quick-Change sanitary connection. This means you can use either filter in your PureMix system.


What's the shelf life of the replacement filters?

PureMix replacement cartridges can be stored unused for up to 5 Years without any detriment to the technology inside. This means you can buy in bulk and take advantage of special offers and keep your next filter ready when you need it!


Is there a price difference?

PureMix X6-R Replacement Water Filter Cartridge and the PureMix X7-R Replacement Water Filter Cartridge are generally sold for similar pricing. Remember to check out our Sale and Clearance Spot for special offers.